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Please help. No way to check ESO+ status.

Greetings ESO-staff,

When I try to search for the date when my ESO+ expires, your website gives me this page:
However, the answers on this page are incorrect. The "my account" section only shows that I have ESO+, but absolutely nothing else. How long have I had it? How long remains?
The "Billing History' only shows my purchase of Summerset, not when I bought ESO+. Then another section says "manage your membership through steam" but all that link does is send me to the main store, and even on the ESO store page there is no way to check your currect status, only buy more ESO+ or crowns. This is way too difficult for something as easy as checking an account status.

I don't even remember if I paid for 6 months or a full year. Please help me.
Thank you.

  • Sparr0w
    Could be because it's free ESO+ week/weekend. Check your bank or paypal (whatever you used to pay for it) then check the price against the prices to renew.
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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  • Yuls
  • FanmaR
    I've found out the solution for any one with the same problem

    -In Steam itself you check the top right. You click your username and go to "account details".
    -To the right there are a few options, go to "Manage Subscriptions"
    -You'll find the "Elder Scrolls Online: Plus Membership" there.
    -In that tab you'll see "Next billing Date", which is basically the time when your ESO+ expires.

    Fair warning: even though I did not select for "recurring payments", it seems you have to cancel before it expires or else it gets extended. Sneaky steam wallet snatchers. Well at least we can no find out when we have to cancel or renew it.

    I hope other people with the same problem get to read this.

  • FanmaR
    Yuls wrote: »

    Wow, would have been super-helpful if I found that page before! When I searched botht hte website and on Google all I got was the page I already mentioned.

    Thanks for the help, that's exactly what I needed.
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