Can't get in/stay in game

I logged in and headed to Cyrodil tonight, wasn't having too many problems at first. It started to get laggy, so I figured I'd leave Cyrodil and quest or do some dungeons.

When I clicked the transits shrine, my game went black screen and I got the "unable to connect to server" message.

Tried to log in again, couldn't. Restarted the game, got to character select and then it disconnected again. Hard restarted my xbox and it let me log in, but I couldn't interact with anything. Couldn't use wayshrines or doors, couldn't talk to people, and after about a minute it froze out and gave me the "couldnt connect to server" message again.

I've tried pretty much everything I could think of.. my internet is working fine for other games, so it's not that.

I can get in the game, and once even got it to let me interact, but it just freezes out again after a minute or two tops.

Is Xbox NA having general server issues, or am I potentially missing something on my end?
  • ZOS_BillE

    As you've already gone through various troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue, please go ahead and start a support ticket for further help.
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  • CrisXD
    You’re not the only one to have this issue, the PS4 EU server has the same problem for the past 2 weeks or so. Apparently it was related to the PS network which was resolved however, I know people that are still having trouble connecting to the server or even staying on the game.
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