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Congrats to AD for Winning Vivec!

Well guys we did it, great team work everyone. After taking all that Wrobel could throw at us, we have now won this campaign, good team work everyone.

From the start we had everything stacked against us! The fps and disconnect bugs effecting AD way more then the other factions, always being outnumbered, wroble nerfing mobility to prevent us from destroying the huge blue and red blobs, some how we were lucky enough to have bridge siege teams and they did it 5 fps half the time well the red and blues were running in at full frames amazing!

Unfortunately for brige siege there dominance lesened with to many of our AD brothers getting disconnected and getting overwhelmed by the DC and EP factions barely getting effected we held in.

The points were so close early on with AD always being outnumbered we held in strong and when our fps was nothing and the other factions barely seemed to be effected we held in strong, even worse the DC and EP night-capping stuff back each day and q clogging to make sure AD was hurt we held in strong.

Finally the glyph fix came in and AD was able to make a strong push with bridge siegers holding strong during the day well the oceanic teams helped defend their objectives during the night, of course with this happening the DC and EP joined forces forming a purple alliance, almost never attacking each other and always coming after the AD but we kept fighting even always being outnumbered well they were 3 or locked pop when we barely had 2, we held strong.

Red and Blue had almost all there zergs running encase negate spam, they had all the OP cheat Engine bonuses, just to get advantages over us, but we held strong.

Then dark days became a foot with the DC using unprecedented zergs and lag switches to lag the server and cause disconnects for everyone except themselves, constantly taking keeps by forcing the server to lag .. GG Blizzard. It was during these dark times with DC playing there lag tricks that they were able to make a come back and take the 1st position on the leader there dirty tactics placed them in a position of power as all they would do is bring 200 people to a keep to lag it, crashing the server several times every few hours, it was just down right dirty.

Lucky for the Ad with the strength of the oceanic team we reclaimed all that blue had stolen with the lag tactics reclaiming the map wearing down the blue tricksters, the oceanic AD were a brutal forced taking down the tricksters of the blue helping to reclaim the leadership for the yellow.

So even with everything against us we still did it guys, we have won Vivec , Yellow has reigned supreme, the best Alliance of all, even with the others always outnumbering us, working together, crashing the server and using all sorts of tricks, in the end.

AD WINS!!!!!!
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  • danno8
    This still going strong?

  • Delsskia
    I hate that lag switch.

    Gratz AD, free bacon for everyone !!!
  • Minnesinger
    I think it was time for AD to bring this thread up.
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  • Recremen
    Four more weeks of AD!
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  • Elong
    I look forward to these every month haha.

    Grats AD, really good campaign, looking forward to the next one.
  • Ruckly
    AD won the campaign 6 days ago. The effort to offset AD's nightcap and take a shot at first was wrecked by an EP faction stack on DC which sealed the deal. DC doesn't stack one side of the map during prime-time. You must be talking about afternoon which itself offsets nightcap. Our one effort to switch focus to AD during prime-time which doesn't happen sort of progressed(6 days ago) because we were going for first but EP threw that out the window and sent 80 man blob across the north. EP blundered away this campaign like they did the one were they grabbed a scroll from an AD emp keep and left AD with emp. Math said if we want a shot at first(6 days ago) we have to switch focus to AD and whatever math EP people did said if they want first the have to switch to DC.
  • VaranisArano
    I've been slacking off on my thread:

    Anyone know who got 2nd and 3rd?

    And anyone know who got what place during the campaign before that?
  • Reverb
    I've been slacking off on my thread:

    Anyone know who got 2nd and 3rd?

    And anyone know who got what place during the campaign before that?

    This morning it was EP 2nd and DC 3rd. I imagine that’s how it ended, unless something remarkable mathematically impossible happened in the final hours.

    DC won the previous cycle.
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  • maxjapank
    I'm pretty sure last campaign was DC 1st, EP 2nd, AD 3rd.
  • VaranisArano
    Thank you @Reverb and @maxjapank !
  • Odditorium
    That was a good read.
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  • BRogueNZ
    red and yellow
    pink and green
    purple, orange and blooooooo
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    sing a rainbow tooooooooooo

    GJ AD

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  • mayasunrising
    Yes! Well played AD! It was definitely an exciting campaign with so many car-razy battles! And shout out to mah AD <3 sisters <3 , as it seems it's always just the brothers that get mentioned. :wink:
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  • susmitds
    AD snipers for the win! :D
    JK, we did have pretty good coordination this time around. Few more PUG leads would make a huge difference in the future.
  • WuffyCerulei
    Certainly better than blueberries overrunning the place!
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  • heng14rwb17_ESO
  • Biro123
    Minalan owes me a beer.

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  • Minno
    It was fun jumping in and pug smashing a few of you EP/AD.

    Hopefully some fat loot drops enough to sell lol
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  • VaranisArano
    Biro123 wrote: »

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