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LF guild

What I am:

Kind of a quiet loner that usually solos stuff if not playing with my wife.

I have a very low-tolerance for low-quality people. I will not suffer fools, liars, cheats, or hubris.

I don't "teabag" or crap talk until someone asks for it, then it's on.

I'm the guy that if you want to pick a fight with me, I will gladly give you your wish.

I'm the guy that will carry you (or at least try to) when everyone else ignores you.

What I play:

Stam DK - tank and PvP brawler
Stam warden - AP farmer/brawler
Stam Templar: tank and BG pit fighter
Stam NB - DPS and AP farmer
Mag Templar - Frost tank/DPS hybrid
Mag NB - Heal/DPS hybrid
Mag Sorc with bow - I just have this to irritate the old lady

What I would like:

To find a guild that actually answers people in chat and understands what respect is. I am so over drama and BS. Running trials is cool from time to time, I run pledges frequently, and I do BG's daily on multiple toons, so having some skilled people to roll with (or bodies I can use as a meat-shield) would be neat. Discord is cool, if it's not a over-organized clusterdump. Would really like to find a group to run Cyro sewers and Imp City with.

PSN: Soviet-Messiah
Xbox NA: Soviet Messiah
EP: Cortimi - Imperial StamDK
EP: Melga - Orc StamDen (Dah Bear)
EP: Narileya - Nord StamPlar (Mad cuz Bad)
EP: Corvaera - Bosmer Orc StamSorc (RIP)

PS4 NA (Retired at CP835): Soviet-Messiah:
EP: Cortimi - Imperial StamDK
DC: Melga gra-Antilae - StamDen
AD: Corvaera - Bosmer StamSorc
Urvoth wrote: »
CP is a crutch for people who can’t sustain and want to be "tanky" so they aren’t immediately punished for making mistakes.
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