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[PC/NA/PST] [EP] LF a nice guild who is laid back, chill & likes to have fun.

Hi, Everyone!

I am currently looking for a guild that is very welcoming to the shy folk like me. I mostly play solo, but i do enjoy helping players out where I can, and love chatting with people. So a little about me:

I am 24 year old female. I main a Breton Magplar Healer CP280+. I have played MMO's since 2004, with my first being OG Runescape back in the day, lol. I don't play WoW. i tried it when it was first released, and didn't like the art style or combat, so i haven't played it since. I've been a fan of TES series for awhile as well, with Morrowind being my first. I started playing this game when it released back in 2014. I stopped playing due to the same reasons most people did, and then picked it back up in 2016 on PS4. There, I mained a Nord StamDK & made it my home for about a year. Then when i finally had enough money to build myself a decent gaming PC at the end of 2017, i re-downloaded it and have been on PC since. I work a full time job, and i really do try to be on as much as possible. I mostly play early evenings, 7pm to 10pm on weekdays and a good chunk of the weekend i'm on. Sometimes though, life can be a pain, and i am unable to for a week or so at max.

I should mention too, that i have a bit of social anxiety. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to people via chat, but when it comes to running dungeons with randoms, I get a bit nervous. I also have not done any trials and i've only barely dipped into PvP. I have ran dungeons a lot though when i played a tank on PS4, so I do know most of them, except for a few that came out with recent DLCs. I feel like i haven't done a lot of end game content though due to not having a group to play with. I am always eager to learn, though!

I also really like helping new players when I can, even with simple stuff. The game isn't a race so taking my time or helping players level is totally fine by me. I also love exploring zones and doing quests.

I'm pretty nerdy and love talking about all sorts of things, even if its not ESO related, lol. I hang out in Stonefalls a lot, due to the aesthetic and people there are generally pretty nice.

I have all the expansions, ESO+ and i'm sure like most people, have the Grand Psijic Villa. :)

Also kind related, but not related. I get asked about it a lot so to clear things up: My main's name is Combat Medic Mercy. YES, she is named after Mercy on the game Overwatch. I played there for awhile mained her 300+hours. The game went to ***, and i wasn't having fun anymore so I stopped playing. I love the character though and I always will. No, i am not a Blizz fan. never have been!

Thank you! I hope i can soon find a forever home!

~I'm not a miracle worker...Well, not always. ~
Rhaelys Stormborn - Breton Magplar Healer EP spicy heals CP500+
~You should really get that looked at...~

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