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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase – November 2018"

Community Manager

This is the official discussion thread for the Crown Store Showcase – November 2018 blog article.

Create your own winter wonderland, make the most out of your ESO Plus membership, and roam Murkmire atop a fearsome Badger Bear! Preview all of the incredible (and festive!) collectibles, furnishings, styles and more coming to the Crown Store in November!
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  • Sotha_Sil
    Restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
    Spells and incantations for those with the talent to cast them!
  • Khaleesi8688
    Dresses finally!!!! Confused about releasing the murkmire furniture pack before the house but whatever. Yay dresses!
  • Mix
    Deepmire Furniture Pack! yay!

    We need information on the Xanmeer house!

    Sad that the Snow-Globe is Crown store rather than a holiday reward (we could use a New Life present!)

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  • StormChaser3000
    Lovely dress. Similar to Kassandra's from Murkmire. Should look really nice in white. I just hope it won't cost 1500-2000 crowns with 10% discount for ESO+ members... I got the whole Wrothgar for 750 crowns.. just to say...
    Edited by StormChaser3000 on October 31, 2018 4:23PM
  • Weper
    Is the Snow Globe Home buyable with gold too or it will be crown exclusive?
  • rabidrufus64
    the christmas furniture pack looks pretty op
  • Onefrkncrzypope
    badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger wait... no mushrooms :'( ... ZoS is officially the no fun league.
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  • CrisXD
    I want everything😍
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  • perogwin_ESO
    Welp...looks like this Month is going to kill me Crown wise...SO MUCH COOL STUFF!
  • Jayne_Doe
    Weper wrote: »
    Is the Snow Globe Home buyable with gold too or it will be crown exclusive?

    I think there's hope that we will be able to purchase it in-game with gold after completing the appropriate New Life Festival achievement. I just looked back at last month's showcase article as well as last October's showcase article, and there was no mention of being able to purchase the Exorcised Cottage in-game with gold - it only mentioned it being available in the CS.

    So, here's hoping!
    Edited by Jayne_Doe on October 31, 2018 5:03PM
  • Atallanta
    3 things I’m excited with - nibenese bundle, skull tattoos, and female orc dress.


    1) since when top tier racial costumes are limited time offers?? I hope it’s a mistake!

    2) what happened with Priestess of Mara costume as a first free item for ESO+ folks? The article said: “The first free ESO Plus member-exclusive item includes a unique collectible: the Priestess of Mara costume”. Now it’s Molag’s statue.. do I mix smth up?!
  • Atallanta
    Jayne_Doe wrote: »

    As for the Orc dress - interesting that it's also limited-time. I was assuming this was the "top tier" dress for 1,000 crowns, as they already released the 500 and 700 crown versions. Is this now going to be the trend moving forward, where the "top tier" 1000 crown version of each newly released "set" of racial clothing will be limited-time? I know that they eventually remove all 700 and 1,000 crown variants of each racial clothing "set," but at least you have a month or so to pick them up.

    100% agree!!
  • Flaminir
    New life furniture pack... I notice quite a few large Snowmen.... I REALLY hoppe that one of those is a DPS dummy!

    Preferably a 3m AND a 6m!

    Chucking blockades of fire at a Snowman would be WAY too much fun! >:)
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  • Acrolas
    Atallanta wrote: »
    2) what happened with Priestess of Mara costume as a first free item for ESO+ folks? The article said: “The first free ESO Plus member-exclusive item includes a unique collectible: the Priestess of Mara costume”. Now it’s Molag’s statue.. do I mix smth up?!

    There might have been some internal confusion whether it was the first item or just the item they wanted to use in the marketing of the program. Because Bal wouldn't create nearly as pleasant a picture as the one they led with:


    Or maybe Mara just got bumped back a month to avoid dress overload. The free items are just upsell so substitutions are fine. I know somebody's already thinking bait-and-switch, but no. Bait and switch only applies to situations where a good or service is advertised with no real intention to ever sell that good or service.

    The phrase to keep in mind is, "Note that the new costume will not be available immediately, but will arrive in the Crown Store later in the year." So Mara just needs to be available some time before 2018 ends.
  • Beardimus

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  • myskyrim26
    A tabletop stauette!!! I'm so happy that finally we'll have small beautiful things, not giant ones!

    I really love Nibenese Noble Pack. Now I need an Imperial Female to rock it.

    Skull Face Tattoo Pack - looking forward to try it. Recently I created a Reachmen witch character, and shee needs some special tattoos

    Orc Wise Woman’s Vestment... Oh my! I love the elaborated female Orc costumes that we already have in store, but this one is just awesome! My female Orc is waiting for it impatiently

    Deepmire Expedition. ZOS want me bankrupt in Nobember. So be it. Can't miss it.

    The Clockwork God's Domain. Well, I'll be bankrupt after Deepmire Expedition already, but still I'd' love to have it.

    New Life Festival bundle makes me cry. So many nice bundles, and I'm so addicted to furnishings. Need it.

    Luckily, I'm not keen on bear mounts. But Gryphon makes me thinking of robbing a bank.
    Edited by myskyrim26 on October 31, 2018 7:22PM
  • Recremen
    Check out that ROBE!! And that OTHER robe! And maybe even that dwemer mount but idk if I can do well with that color combo tbh but still!!!! Pretty cool stuff overall. And I am definitely glad that nonsubscibers will also get a chance at most of those items, it never sits right with me when something is 100% exclusive.
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  • Bevik
    Can the Xmas tree given for free for everyone?
  • Shawn_PT
    The Snowmortals are Courtyard furnishings, Yard Ornaments. They're not dummies, they're just statues. At least on the PTS.
  • Snit
    That Snow Globe home would be a billion percent cozier if the great room had a big bay window.
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  • weedgenius
    Snow Globe Home is a Crown Store item?

    Mmm, not interested anymore.
    @VaranisArano The October showcase made no mention of the fact that the Witches Coven could also be purchased with gold, so there's still a possibility that will be the case when the Snow Globe house hits the store. Don't give up hope!
    Edited by weedgenius on October 31, 2018 8:57PM
    PS4 NA
  • Fortunatto
    Still no Alinor dresses. When they'll appear in crown store?

    I absolutely love Nibenese Noble Pack and it will go so well for my imperial girl ♡
    But as others have already asked - since when top tier racial costumes are limited time offers? I hope that will be one and only precedente or a mistake. : / not cool
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  • XamXam777
    Finally! A pretty dress! OMG!

    (I've all but given up on getting the Alinor Dresses at this point but that Nibenese Robe makes up for it a bit I guess...)

    Not surprised that the Snow Globe House will be a Crown Exclusive (Would be nice if there was a way to get it doing the Event oh well...)
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