Recruiting to guild "Dirty by the Dozen"

We recruit everyone as the guild is all inclusive but im particularly interested in recruiting a group of people who are competitive and would like to be part of our core trials team. We are searching for all roles but spots are limited.

During the week we run dungeons to farm gear, e do lore book runs, skyshard runs, raffles, auctions and do what we can to help each other out. Some of us have ran thru vet trials and are willing to teach mechanics and work with others who want to be able to complete them.

GT is BLIZZchaos
IF you are interested in joining our core team send me a msg saying "core"
IF you are interested in joining our guild but not ready for trials just say "casual" or "progressing"
IF you are a master crafter and looking for a good guild just msg me and say "crafter"

Thanks for taking the time to read, hope to hear from some of you.
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