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What alliance do you PVP on?

Just taking a quick vote here to settle a guild debate earlier today... I believe the EP has the most players, followed by AD, and then DC.

If you play more than one - I’ll leave an option for that as well. Though I’d rather people pick the one they like the most in that case.

What alliance do you PVP on? 319 votes

Ebonheart Pact
GilvothZardaynewenchmore420b14_ESOWuffyCeruleicyberblastIruil_ESOIzanagi.Xiiib16_ESODUTCH_REAPERKetarmishDRTEdem0n1kAndyMacOwnAlnilamEphairdonDisgracefulMindSunRaiderSarevoccVaranaWitchyWarrior 92 votes
Daggerfall Covenant
ZelosFat_Cat45BigBraggOsteosRDMyers65b14_ESOTryxusmartinhpb16_ESOAllPlayAndNoWorkfreespiritKnootewootLarsStechnohicsdtlckimaerilAhnastashiaRohausPerwulfEdaphonLatiosLocnaar 97 votes
Aldmeri Dominion
SolarikenValveNebthet78Yukon2112mommadani907kojouwhiteshadow711jppreub18_ESOIdinuseleeuxThunderclapLaggusBashevStreegaSorisRastoricxxthir13enxxMayraelTBoisevivnadaKatahdin 79 votes
More than one (plz specify fave)
SirAndySkuaTurelusRikumarumadeeh91rwb17_ESOSheezabeastNirnStormbottleofsyrupLucienLachanceMasterSpatulaIndorilArwynLlethranDanteYodaWarraxxReifDarkmage1337RomoVulsahdaalRin_SenyaHaquorimredneckson 51 votes
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    More than one (plz specify fave)
    Most of my characters are EP and that's the faction I prefer to fight for.

    I do have a DC character though, as my GF has mostly DC characters and prefers to fight for them (she also has some EP chars now).
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
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  • Latios
    Daggerfall Covenant
    DC only. It’s my color, after all(blue).
    The Eon Pokémon.
  • Odovacar
    Ebonheart Pact
    EP for campaign! The rest are battleground bums.
    Father of 3 ESO player - Daily late night logins ; )

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    Remember to have fun because at the end of the day that's what this whole gaming thing is about.
  • generalmyrick
    Aldmeri Dominion
    4 DA QUEEN!!!!!
    "The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are a popular cultural meme, a metaphor representing the choice between:

    Knowledge, freedom, uncertainty and the brutal truths of reality (red pill)
    Security, happiness, beauty, and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill)"

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  • Mintaka5
    Ebonheart Pact
    My first character and my main started as EP. I play 99.9% of the time on nothing but EP toons. I have 2 that are not EP, an altmer magsorc in AD, and a breton sorc healer on DC.

    All you touch, and all you see is all your life will ever be.

    PC/NA - Altmer MagSorc DPS

    gEt UseD t0 oNe STyLe AnD yO aNd i mIgHt sWitCh
  • KingofAnnwn
    Daggerfall Covenant
    DC only, all but one of my toons is DC. Other is EP which is PvE only.

    Edited by KingofAnnwn on October 24, 2018 2:19PM
    Xbox One
    DC - Gwenhwyfar Gwraig - Redguard Vamp Stamplar
    DC - Kiarina Florcht - Redguard Stamden
    DC - Arianwen Adahl - Altmer Mag Sorc
    AD - Lilwen Haf - Altmer Mag Sorc
    EP - Tarmena Diloren - Dunmer Magblade
    DC - Eletti Ghellon - Redguard Stamblade
  • Golnebo
    Ebonheart Pact
    Both my main PVP toons are EP. It fits my PVP guild.
    PC - EU

    {Knightmare the Wild} - Fiendish Templar Lady with a must kill attitude - Dunmer by birth - EP by choice.
    {Nemesis the Magnificent} - Wannabe Magician with a nack for accidentally killing everything around him - Aldmeri Dominion High Elf Mastercrafter.
    {Thinks-he-is-Funny} - Tough EP Argonian Dragon Knight. Drinks his ale in Belkarth - Secretly in love with his battlesister Knightmare the Wild. Battlegrounds King.
    {Son-of-a-Witch} - Confused Nightblade who took up the dark arts of black magic. Literally sits in Mournhold all day doing nothing. Dreams of returning to Dragonstar Arena.
    {Eilalenya Alkinaerith} - Strikingly beautiful High Elf of the Aldmeri Dominion - Seducer of men and elves - Learning the Healer ropes. Heals for fun.
    {Blue Bear-y Pie} - Think-outside-the-box Mastercrafter Warden - Enjoys long walks on the beach - Protector of Tamriel's fauna and wildlife - Breton lady.
    {Lord Frandar Hunding} - Grumpy old Veteran - Wreaks havoc in Cyrodill - loves his grandchildren - Redguard Brute. In case of bad mood he turns into a werewolf.
    {Sneaky little Maraya} - Gorgeous Redguard Bombshell - Evil stamsorc who loves to clear dungeons of monsters.
    {Seven of Nirn} - No-nonsense brutal lady-Orc. Always rambling on about the Covenant. Get with it or get out kinda StamSorcOrc.
    {Reeks-of-Incompetence} - Hangs in the balance DK. Studied to become a dentist. Alcohol made her do nothing all day. Argonian Historian.
    {Doctor Whoops} - Self conscious Sorc . Father to 18 children. None of which are anywhere in sight. Proves shield nerfs wrong. Currently doing vDSA.
  • Vapirko
    Daggerfall Covenant
    Blue blood for covenant.
  • Tryxus
    Daggerfall Covenant
    I'm Blue, dabumdidamdai ♪♪♪
    Edited by Tryxus on October 24, 2018 5:00PM
    "In the Storyteller's name, I stand upon the bones of the world. I drink in the promise and power of nature's law, and breathe out my thanks."
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    CP 1200+

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    Leux Tryxus - Breton - Magicka Templar
    Tryxus Temeslos - Argonian - Magicka Nightblade

    AR 34 | vDSA - vHRC HM - vAA HM - vSO HM - vMA Flawless - vMoL HM - vHoF HM - vAS +2 - vCR +1 - vBRP - vSS | Grand Master Crafter
  • Katahdin
    Aldmeri Dominion

    For the Queen!
    Beta tester November 2013
  • Rake
    My alliance
  • SosRuvaak
    Ebonheart Pact
    probably going to end up with an ebonheart tattoo soon enough

    Blood for the pact!~
    For the Pact!
    ~Sump Scales~
    Lusty Argonian Nightblade
    ~Baron Humbert von Gikkingen~
  • Jameliel
    More than one (plz specify fave)
    Most toons are on AD, but I have an EP and a DC I've slowly been grinding up. Couldn't care less about factions to be honest. Seems like there are a lot of mentally ill people when they start ranting about another faction as if its some single organism, instead of many different people who are probably more or less the exact same as the person ranting.
  • keevil111
    Daggerfall Covenant
    I was born a blue, and I'll die a blue...over and over and over...
    PS4 NA
  • Locnaar
    Daggerfall Covenant
    Smurf me !!!
    current GM Alls Faire Trading Guild

    beta tester Jan 2014
  • Aliyavana
    Aldmeri Dominion
    Ad I like the best lore wise, but I'd switch to dc for small scale PvP if I could
    Edited by Aliyavana on October 24, 2018 6:15PM
    Zebendal- Stam Sorc, PC NA
  • SirAndy
    More than one (plz specify fave)
    I have characters in all 3 factions. I personally have no preference, factions mean nothing to me.

    My characters on the other hand are all very loyal to their respective factions ...
    Edited by SirAndy on October 24, 2018 6:15PM
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  • Kadoin
    More than one (plz specify fave)
    SirAndy wrote: »
    I have characters in all 3 factions. I personally have no preference, factions mean nothing to me.

    My characters on the other hand are all very loyal to their respective factions ...

    It's the same for me...I just like trolling, maybe healing, and sometimes playing pranks. That and searching for bugs + reporting them. Can't let those go if I find them...
  • Actually_Goku
    Daggerfall Covenant
    I’m bumping this as I want more than 100 votes :#
  • phairdon
    Ebonheart Pact
    EP the majority of the time. Once in a while AD, as my original character is AD. wanted the skills & skill points.
    Your immersion is breaking my entitlement.
    Buff Sorc's

    Darkshroud the Cremator
    Rubeus Black
    Evil Wizard Lizard
    White Sauce Error
    Flesheater the Vile
    Psijic Gentleman's Sausage

  • LeHarrt91
    More than one (plz specify fave)
    I started Red, met a girl and was blue for like 2 years, made some amazing friends. Towards the end Blue would have the whole map when i was on and some players annoyed me. Then I met a boy, and am now yellow till the foreseeable future. But I am always alone :'( or doing Bgs lol

    I don't have a favourite but i know Red isnt one of them :#
    PS4 NA 1100+ CP
    Imperial Stamina Warden
    Breton Magicka Warden
    Breton Magicka Necromancer

    Have played all classes.
  • Hippie4927
    Ebonheart Pact
  • rabidrufus64
    Aldmeri Dominion
    i only play on 1 character, my friend was in ad so thus here i am ;)
  • wolf486
    More than one (plz specify fave)
    Bosmer was my first character so I've spent the most amount of time with AD and kinda like it.
    Edited by wolf486 on November 29, 2018 8:13PM
    (EP) Severus Stabius - Imperial - Stamblade
    (EP) Alessia Narniaus - Imperial - Stamplar
    (DC) Tharbûrz gro-Glumgrog - Orsimer -Stamden (lvl 50)
    (EP) Berža gra-Glumgrog - Orsimer - StamDK
    (EP) Falls-in-Snow - Argonian - Magden (lvl 50)
    (EP) Lilith Perun - Breton - Magsorc
    (AD) Vukz - Bosmer - Stamblade (lvl 50, EP spy)
  • Siohwenoeht
    More than one (plz specify fave)
    One AD and one EP. Play the AD mostly, still levelling the EP.
    "It is a lovely language, but it takes a very long time saying anything in it, because we do not say anything in it, unless it is worth taking a long time to say, and to listen to." - Treebeard
  • Perwulf
    Daggerfall Covenant
    Daggerfall topping the votes? What server is this? Must be heaven!
    "Monsters doesn't exist, we create them"
  • Swifigames
    Aldmeri Dominion
    I don't always Cyrodiil, but when I do, it's for the Queen.
    Stay bloodthirsty my friends..
    "We don't want other worlds, we want mirrors." - Gibarian
    Stamblade (Bosmer) - Kremlok
    Stamplar (Khajiit) - Drops-the-Ball
    Magplar (Altmer) - Lyranil of Alinor
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