add telvanni furnishings to the game

Do the lights exist on console servers? do people buy the amber type from the crown store? if it's not bringing in profits, can you please add these to the game, even if it's just a luxury vendor weekend of telvanni amber lights
  • shadowwraith666
    Telvanni furnishings are in the game both crown store and in-game drops, you have to search thew Vvardenfell region for them though
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  • TheNightflame
    i meant it more like has anyone picked one up yet, but I should've been more explicit :/
  • TonyRockaroni
    Yeah. Cause I was gonna suggest more of the mushroom terrariums. ^^;
  • Earrindo
    The Amber telvanni lights would make a great addition. Luxury vendor would be the ideal source for them ^^
    And obviously the mushroom terrariums!
  • Ostacia
    I'd love to see more Telvanni furnishings available in-game, both items and patterns/recipes; it's one of my favorite styles.
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  • Linaleah
    amber lights sadly are crown only but blue versions are craftable. we don't have a ton of telvani furnishings in game but we do have a few. you can get them from morrowind doccuments on achievement writ vendor - the girl one. bear in mind though, they are mixed in with other great house furnishings
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