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Do you have crap laying around that you need to sell? Tired of your guild losing their trader spot? Bored of inactive players or worse, constant drama?

Join the Sells-No-Crap family. We are a super helpful, positive group of mature players with a slightly twisted sense of humor. We have formed a very organized & social community of 450+ members and now, we are expanding!

Our new trader focused guild, Sells-Some-Crap has 7k dues and offers a TOP front trader in Rawl’kha!

We have one rule: no drama. No level or experience requirements.

We have fun events including, but not limited to, naked & afraid dungeons runs, hide and seek (last nights winner won 100k!) an upcoming masquerade ball & a super unique Halloween trick or treating event. We run noob (learn the mechanics) to elite (DPS check) dungeon & trial groups.

We run PVP, PVE and other content regularly as a guild, and we feature engaging, random events such as pop-up trivia and auctions! We help our members with pricing, crafting, leveling and more.

We have a VERY active chat and Band community full of knowledgeable members in leadership roles who are dedicated to helping our members.

Leave a comment or msg for an invite to our new Sister guild, Sells-Some-Crap, in Rawl’kha.

Message LakelynRae for an invite :)

Alternatively, you can request to be added to the waitlist for the Sells-No-Crap social guild.
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