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Looking for Guild/Help

Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to the game and looking for some help.

I've been following Alcast's guide for my Templar tank build (paladin). I'm looking for someone who can help me craft. I'd like to learn and I'm learning all of the traits I can right now. I am very broke, but I am doing all of the main quests, dungeons dailies, and battle ground dailes right now.
I have a good set of lvl 20 armor right now, but I'm looking to get to crafting a set for lvl 40 and CP 160. I am currently level 30.
I need to find a guild that can help me learn the ropes. I desire to build my character to be everything it can be as far as crafting armor, weapons, food, drink, enchants, pve, and pvp. I feel bad relying on other people to help me, but it is really difficult getting started without help. My gamertag is lewtamarilla, feel free to add me.

1) Chest: Fortified Brass/Heavy/Reinforced/Stamina Enchant
2) Belt: Fortified Brass/Light/Sturdy/Health Enchant
3) Shoes: Fortified Brass/Medium/Sturdy/Health Enchant
4) Pants: Torug's Pact/Heavy/Infused/Stam Enchant
5) Hands: Torug's Pact/Heavy/Sturdy/Health Enchant
6) Head: Night's Silence/Heavy/Infused/Stam Enchant
7) Shoulder: Night's Silence/Heavy/Sturdy/Health Enchant
8) Necklace: Torug's Pact/Jewelry/Healthy/Block Cost Reduction
9) Ring: Torug's Pact/Jewelry/Healthy/Block Cost Reduction
10) Ring: Torug's Pact/Jewelry/Healthy/Block Cost Reduction
11) Weapon 1 S&B/Fortified Brass/ 1H Weap/ Infused/ Crusher Enchantment
12) Weapon 1 S&B/Shield/Infused/Stam Enchant
13)Weapon 2 S&B/1H Weap/Infused/ Weakening Enchant
14) Weapon 2 S&B/Fortified Brass/Shield/Infused/ Stam Enchant
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