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[PS4-NA] Tank looking for guild for vet dungeons.

Pugs got me super salty. Looking for a guild that can run vet pledges daily and clear all dungeons. Not really big into trials, but I wouldn't mind helping out with them.

PSN: Soviet-Messiah
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Xbox NA: Soviet Messiah
EP: Cortimi - Imperial StamDK
EP: Melga - Orc StamDen (Dah Bear)
EP: Narileya - Nord StamPlar (Mad cuz Bad)
EP: Corvaera - Bosmer Orc StamSorc (RIP)

PS4 NA (Retired at CP835): Soviet-Messiah:
EP: Cortimi - Imperial StamDK
DC: Melga gra-Antilae - StamDen
AD: Corvaera - Bosmer StamSorc
Urvoth wrote: »
CP is a crutch for people who can’t sustain and want to be "tanky" so they aren’t immediately punished for making mistakes.
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