Indrik evolution

*Each time a new and participating in-game event starts, you’ll be able to collect a new Feather and any previous Feathers; you won’t be locked out of obtaining Feathers from previous events.

*Once you’ve summoned the base Nascent Indrik mount, you’ll have a chance to evolve it with the use of unique Berries.

*Similar to Feathers, Berries are available from The Impresario in exchange for Event Tickets.


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  • TroodonsBite
    Is it like eevees where you give them a particular berry and they turn into that type?
  • Aurielle
    I’m really looking forward to this. :) The golden one... drool.
  • Loralai_907
    If we only get one, I'll be chasing after the black one. Which with my luck will indeed be the one tied to the stupid TG/DB indrik feather gathering activities...
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  • Reistr_the_Unbroken
    They look okay, not something I want to go grinding feathers and berries for though
  • Ostacia
    Sweet! Love the indriks! I don't have a favorite. I want them all.
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  • ascan7
    :O when does this start?
  • DanteYoda
    I think i'll go either yellow or white..
  • SydneyGrey
    ascan7 wrote: »
    :O when does this start?
    I think it starts with the Witch's Festival in a few weeks.
  • SilverIce58
    I friggen love the Indriks. If we could get multiple, I'd want the green and white ones, otherwise, I'm going to have a hard time choosing.
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  • Tasear
    Super cute! The black one shall be my pal.
  • BuildMan
    Me need lightning horsey
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  • SydneyGrey
    Just noticed the horn and antlers are shorter in the plain brown one, as if it's a younger animal. Love that. <3
  • kinguardian
    Oooohhh I cant wait and want them all. I love the Indrik 😍😍 <3<3
  • Kiralyn2000
    Mounts. Meh. :|

    (not sure why I'm not into all the mounts in this game. My characters rode all sorts of goofy crap in WoW)
  • Vizikul
    I want the yellow and the white indrik. I hope each character can get and raise an indrik and I hope the evolded indriks will be account wide.

    One thing bothers me, though. We have to wait a whole frigging year until we get these indrik mounts. Thumbs down. I want my indriks NOW! :'(
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  • Lyserus
    @ZOS_GinaBruno any clarification on this? Will we be able to get all those, if we go hard on events enough? :p

    Wanna Catch'em all!
  • Acrolas
    Vizikul wrote: »
    One thing bothers me, though. We have to wait a whole frigging year until we get these indrik mounts. Thumbs down. I want my indriks NOW! :'(

    Witches Festival, Clockwork Anniversary, Undaunted Dungeons, and New Life Festival should hopefully allow the Nascent by the end of this year. It's the four variants that will extend into 2019.
  • MLGProPlayer
    I guess this means I have to do Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. :cry: I loathe stealth gameplay, but it seems one of the berries will come only from TG and DB dailies.
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