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Sorcs and nerfs, the saga continues

Yea, gonna be max health mag sorc meta coming soon lol. At least in pvp. I'll say, keep in mind that I have a pvp sorc though he has been rather dormant lately, that in pvp and even in pve sorc was one of the master classes for some time next to stam blade, and needed some nerfing.
Though I cant say I agree with what they're doing either way. I guess now theres no point in putting points into bastion cp, replace it. I think shield stacking should have been removed by making shields a buff since you cant double stack the same buff, and just allowed the crit and enchant/poison procs on them. All this plus rune cage is now unslottable, and overload 3rd bar was removed. Idk. Losing 3rd bar on my stam sorc makes me feel like theres no reason I should roll it over any of the other stam classes now. Dark deal got nerfed, no 3rd bar, what should I run stamsorc for now? Please explain fellow players if you can think of a logical reason to run it over other stam classes.
hurricane? Lol, it's been nerfed to the ground and back to. All this and stamblade still has the ability to simply disappear and come back to wreck you with absolutely massive damage and recovery, and stamden runs 30k health while still dropping dawnies that can peel your hairline back to your shoulders. Stamsorc is now the most vanilla stam class you can roll, especially with swift meta, it's now even lost its very mild speed edge. Then we hear we might be getting a stam morph, and the dev's simultaneously say, air atronach? What?! Why would that come to mind? Unless that thing is spinning as fast as the ones in COA2 and laying down the kind of pressure and speed they do then there really is no point in slotting a goofy summon ulti on a stam sorc. When you're still handing out massive nerfs every patch years after creating a game it begs the question of, "so this skill/class has been entirely broken since launch or its creation?" Why hasn't it already been nerfed to crap over the years? I feel like they just cant keep their hands out of it, They cant release a patch or dlc without changing the entire structure of the game or a class each time. Is it just a power thing now? Gimme back my weapons eso.
Edited by ZarkingFrued on September 30, 2018 5:52PM
  • ruikkarikun
    Decreased sorcere pet cost is like joke. So we getting only nerfs.

    No alternatives, no compensation, nothing. And they keep saying that sorc must sacrifice damage for survivability while next patch 16k stamina dps will play without any invest into defence (as now on LIVE too), I mean PVE of course.
    Edited by ruikkarikun on September 30, 2018 6:19PM
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