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[XBOX][NA] Cold Cauldron, PvX community

COLD CAULDRON is a group of jokers, loveable curmudgeons, and self deprecating cynics on the XBOX NA megaserver with around 130 members. We're looking for more people to come tolerate us, and maybe find some like-minded adults. Come join our discord channel at to join... or don't, see if I care! Your discord username must match your gamertag to receive an invite.

We are a PvX Ebonheart guild but open to all alliances (Even if you've made some poor choices in your character creation). Are you looking for a group of mediocre people that will make you feel accepted? ... Well we're that group probably! Are you new to the game? We have several experienced players who love to help. We welcome all skills. If you're an experienced player, we'd love some more members to join us for end game content.

We have two dedicated Guildhall's--a beautifully decorated overlook with all Mundus stones, base crafting stations, including transmutation. We've also got a collection of target dummies. We're currently collecting attunable stations as well.

Members can expect
1. Weekly Raffles
2. Creative special events with big prizes
3. An active Discord with a tolerable community
4. Gear assistance from Master Crafters
5. Two Weekly Trials
6. Knowledgeable players to offer character build advice (if requested), tips on means to gain experience and gold, and answer any questions new players might have.
7. (Photos of my mustache, on occasion.)--- Discontinued: mustache is currently missing
8. An average 5 guild events every week.
9. An open free trade guild bank to all members that made it past the initial recruit rank by following our easy entry process.
10. No dues for social access
11. Access to our annex trading guild, (5k dues for trader access only) theld Cauldron Bank.

No dues are required.
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