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Crimson illusions

Small guils looking for member's to grow with.
We are an aldmeri Dominion Guild but all alliances are welcome to join
Right now focusing on building Guild membership.
message xLadyDragon86x on xbox for invite.
Edited by xLadyDragon86x on October 26, 2018 8:56PM
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Mainly looking for active members, like it says all above we are an AD guild but all alliances are welcome to join
  • xLadyDragon86x
    We have some crafters on hand, that are 9 trait who can help with others who are working on crafting with traits. And making armor for members
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Still looking for members anyone is welcome to join.
  • sheacummings
    Is this a mature guild? (18ish+)

    If so I'd like to join

    Gt: gabegray
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Anyone is welcome, not sure of ppls ages but not many cause any drama. Its a newer guild. Only a couple months old
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Holding a contest for members
    And 2 raffles.
  • xLadyDragon86x
    Raffles for one getting a runbox and other is just a 50/50
    Contest winner will get gold recipe
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