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Vll Legiin of Angels is recruiting

Soul Shriven
Hello everyone anyone that can see this even the ones that can't post Vll Legion of Angels is recruiting join to have fun join to get stuff done.! Disclaimer this is a new Guild no trader yet it will follow once we get enough people I have the coin set back to start this up ass soon as possible.! As the leader I will say this as long as I'm leader no one under me or anyone in the guild to make this clear will charge you any type of dues this is a broken method and wrong join to have fun.! If your seriously interested message me on Xbox live I'll get with you soon as possible my GT is FallenangelxTC just the same as my name on here.! Thanks and I hope you that's reading this will consider the guild is open to anyone but last but not least be nice to everyone that's in the guild no excuses it will be a auto kick no exceptions this will go to even the co leader once someone applies for the position.!
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