PTS audio bug: Dragonknight flame whip "clicks" after use.

While testing skills on my DK- I noticed a very distinct ::click:: sound after using my whip. It almost sounds as if someone's tapping on a plastic container. (Perhaps that's a "clack" sound?) If you walk over to random creatures- try spamming flame lash. You'll hear a "clack" after the animation is complete.

Can anyone else test this to confirm? Or perhaps I'm crazy.
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Savos Saren
  • SpiderKnight
    I realize this is old and on pts, but I'm on ps4 and I started hearing this after Murkmire dropped. I thought maybe it was new but I seriously cannot stand this noise. Any update on this, you still hearing it?
  • ghastley
    Laggy crack of the whip?
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