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Where do I upload/share a video of botters?

I recorded a short video of some botters running in a circle. How can I get that to the right person?
  • ZOS_Bill
    Players who violate The Elder Scrolls Online's Code of Conduct should be reported to Customer Service. Our Customer Support team investigates every issue reported and takes appropriate action whenever necessary.


    To report a player for abuse, exploitation, harassment, or other inappropriate behavior, right-click their name in the Chat Box and select the Report Player option.

    You can also add other players whose behavior they find objectionable to your ignore list. To do this:
    1. Open the contacts list by pressing the [O] key.
    2. Click on the "No Entry" icon in the upper right corner.
    3. Press the [E] key.
      • A screen will come up that will allow players to manually add another player to their ignore.
    4. Enter the player's character name or UserID.
    5. Hit the [E] key to accept.


    If another player is spamming in chat, harassing another player, or if you see someone botting, report the player by to navigating to the Player Menu ([Menu] on Xbox One or [Options]) on PlayStation 4 and select the Help Menu. From there select the Customer Service Menu and submit a ticket under the appropriate category type.

    Please provide the following information:
    • The name of the player that you want to report
    • The reason why you are reporting this player (Spam, Botting or Harassment)
    • The date and time when the incident happened
    • The megaserver you are playing on
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