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The EP problem on Sotha Sil

  • Feanor
    I noticed I no longer care if I only play once a week.
    Main characters:
    Feanor the Believer - AD Altmer mSorc - AR 41 - Stormproof (PC EU)
    Idril Arnanor - AD Altmer mSorc - CP 217 - Stormproof (PC NA)

    Other characters:
    Necrophilius Killgood - DC Imperial Necromancer (lvl 8)
    Fearscales - AD Argonian Templar - Stormproof (healer)
    Draco Imperialis - AD Imperial DK (tank)
    Cabed Naearamarth - AD Dunmer mDK
    Valirion Willowthorne - AD Bosmer stamBlade
    Turuna - AD Altmer magBlade
    Kheled Zaram - AD Redguard stamDK
    Kibil Nala - AD Redguard stamSorc - Stormproof
    Yavanna Kémentárí - AD Breton magWarden
    Azog gro-Ghâsh - EP Orc stamWarden
    Vidar Drakenblød - DC Nord mDK
    Marquis de Peyrac - DC Breton mSorc - Stormproof
    Rawlith Khaj'ra - AD Khajiit stamWarden
    Tu'waccah - AD Redguard Stamplar

    All chars 50 @ CP 1000+. Playing and enjoying PvP with RdK mostly on Bahlokdaan PC EU.
  • Ash_In_My_Sujamma
    Moonsorrow wrote: »
    Question is: Why IS there so many on EP and its not evenly spread?
    Answer is: Skyrim
  • olsborg
    Eu shor = dc zerg
    Eu vivec = ad zerg
    Eu sotha = ep zerg

    The solution is simple, but still so far away due to performance issue and cp system.
    Altmer Sorceror, magicka
    Bosmer Nightblade, stamina.
    Imperial Templar, stamina
    Redguard Warden, stamina

    Aldmeri Dominion!
    PC EU
    PvP only
  • frostz417
    Thlepse wrote: »

    W H A T are devs going to do about this ? if anything at all ? do you even read these forums ?????????????????????????????????????i bet you dont because there isnt enough funding for it..gotta buy those sick crown crates amirite, lol who cares if people who played since beta quit..we can get new people with our werewolf dlc its just like skyrim online now rawr!!

    IM LITERALLY CRYING “we can get new people with our werewolf dlc it’s just like Skyrim online now rawr!!!”
    Omg that is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on forums ever.

    also pls dont bother mentioning BG... im not willing to level a new character so it has low MMR so i can actually queue into a match!! i want to play on the character that i choose to..not because ive won too many games and now i have to wait 30+ minutes to get another capture the relic game that ends in 2 minutes

    yes, i angry

    I agree, the MMR is absolutely atrocious right now, I can no longer play on any of my 6 PvP toons because I run into 30 minute que’s and finally get into a game only for it to end in 40 seconds. Gg zos

  • frostz417
    “We new people with our new werewolf dlc it’s nhst like Skyrim online now rawr!!”

    I’m ded
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