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Breton hero armor odd coloring

I feel like the Breton hero armor costume has a patch in the crotch area that isn’t coloring correctly. I made both 1st and 3rd colors cold harbour black and left the middle color blank or “stock”. The middle does all the goldish highlights which is why I left it alone but, the part under the crotch flap on the armor is like a green color. It’s really not that obvious unless you’re looking at it in the direct light. I can see it on the character start screen and it doesn’t match the rest of the Black that’s for sure even if it’s not obvious to some, it is to me.

Also why don’t dyes replace the whole color on the costume instead of “dying” it? It almost blends making a different color than you expected.
  • MythicEmperor
    Yeah, the Breton hero costume was one of the crown store’s greatest disappointments. It was shoddily thrown together with low-res textures and a generally bad design with a cape that sticks to your legs. They still haven’t fixed it, unfortunately, and I doubt they ever will.
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