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Sets to Keep

I don't like cluttering up my bank. Scrolling through gear also becomes tedious. (I'm on PS4. Wish ZOS would put a search feature in or some sort of drop-down menu, both for gear and guild stores, but I digress) I have ESO Plus, but I'm still too cheap to want to kick down what is now up to 80K in gold to buy more bank space, when I could blow it on a house I don't need or an overpriced dagger in the guild store. Plus, I love to hoard gear as I have the (usually unfounded) fear that I am going to deconstruct some piece of armor or weapon that I will end up needing weeks down the road, or if I create a new build, or if some set gets nerfed, etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these issues.

I've looked at some other posts on this site, what Alcast and Deltia use, Reddit threads, other "less than trustworthy" sources, and personal preferences to come up with a list of what I should keep. Its primarily gear for meta builds. By no means am I claiming this list is the end-all of gear, and I am 100% positive it will offend some and anger others. Either way, I found it helpful so far, and I hope some might find it convenient. Please don't get hung up with the categories I put them in, they were just to help tell me why I wanted to keep them. Its an ongoing work in progress as more likely will be added.

I did not make a deconstruction list, as I've seen those in the past and they always result in a deluge of "You idiot, [insert set here] is amazing" posts, so please don't think I am deconning everything else that didn't make the list, although, I am deconning most of it. I am leaning that way for sets that are not on this list, but I still have things like Red Mountain, Fasalla's, Defiler, and others that I don't necessarily feel comfortable scrapping for mats, but at the same time I'm not using or using it sparingly.

I know I missed some, or a lot, as I focus more on PVE and dungeon/trials and don't spend a lot of time doing PVP. To start off the "you forgot this set" thread, I did not include all monster sets as I felt it was implied that you would just keep those sets, no matter what.


Aegis of Galwene / Perfect
Akaviri Dragonguard
Berserking Warrior
Blood Moon (Werewolf)
Bone Pirate
Brands of Imperium
Burning Spellweave
Ebon Armory
Elf Bane
Fortified Brass
Hundling’s Rage
Infallible Aether
Jorvuld’s Guidance
Kagrenac’s Hope
Lord Warden
Magnus’ Gift
Mantle of Siroria / Perfect
Master Architect
Mechanical Acuity
Mending / Healing Hage
Mighty Chudan
Morag Tong
Mother’s Sorrow
Netch's Touch
Night Mother’s Gaze
Night’s Silence
Nocturnal’s Favor
Olorime / Perfect
Plague Doctor
Powerful Assault
Relequen / Perfect
Roar of Alkosh
Robes of Destructive Mastery
Scathing Mage
Sentinel of Rkugamz
Silks of the Sun
Spell Power Cure
Spriggan's Thorns
Torug’s Pact
Twice Born Star
Twice Fanged Snake
Vicious Ophidian
War Machine
Worm’s Raiment / Worm Cult


Bloodthorn’s Touch
Caluurion’s Legacy
Draugr Hulk
Eternal Hunt
Green Pact (Werewolf)
Hawk’s Eye
Hide of the Werewolf
Impregnable Armor
Marksman’s Chest
Prisoner’s Rags (Werewolf)
Robes of Transmutation
Sheer Venom
Shroud of the Lich
Vicious Death
Viper’s Sting
Viper’s Sting
War Maiden
Wizard’s Riposte
7th Legion
Warrior's Fury


Darkstride (TG/DB)
Jailbreaker (TG/DB)
Night Mother’s Embrace (TG/DB)
Night Terror Set (TG/DB)
Night’s Silence (Thieves Guild)
Shadow Walker (TG/DB)
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  • StamWhipCultist
    as a sDK I see you lack 2 PvP related sets
    7th legion
    warrior's fury
  • El_Borracho
    as a sDK I see you lack 2 PvP related sets
    7th legion
    warrior's fury

    Added both. 7th Legion was one of those that I still have, but was on the fence about. Thanks.
  • Hey-its-Me
    Any chance you can post an updated SETS TO KEEP List with Greymore?

    I swear by this list! thank you so much
  • adirondack
    Your necro skills are impressive.

    Most impressive.
  • Eifleber
    Where do people find space to store all these sets?! :#

    Do you keep both {jewelry/weapons} and {body gear} - including or exclusing helm/shoulders?
    Edited by Eifleber on April 23, 2020 10:32AM

    Playing since dec 2019 | PC EU
  • ZOS_FalcoYamaoka
    We've closed this thread given its age and that some information may be out of date. If you wish to continue discussing this topic please create a new thread.
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