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Missing AddOns since PC/Mac Patch Notes v4.1.6 / PC/Mac NA & EU Hotfix, Aug 20 - Cyrodiil Keeps

Soul Shriven
Since the latest Patch, all the AddOns are missing from my in-Game AddOn screen. I use Minion, and all AddOns are still listed there.
Searching the forums, I found a reference to a change from C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\Live\AddOns\ to C:\ProgramData\Elder Scrolls Online\Live\AddOns\ .
Making this change in Minion, made no difference - still an empty AddOns screen. If someone can assist, it would be appreciated. I could not find any documentation on this change.
And I do not understand, if the reference to this change is accurate, why the AddOns are still missing.
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