Addons disappeared

My Harvest Map and Mini Map have gone from my addons list in the game.
I moved the 'Elder Scrolls Online' folder from 'My Documents' to my HDD from my SSD as it's larger and has more space. (FYI, I have the SSD for core programs such as Windows, Microsoft Office, etc., while the HDD is for games and other stuff.)
When I checked the folder itself, they were still there in the correct sub-folder, but they don't appear on the addons list in-game.
Has it stopped working because I moved the folder - the rest of the game works, but only because it was installed on the HDD to begin with (after moving the folder, I had to go through all the 'Code of Conduct' agreements again too) so, should I just move it back?

P.S. I also deleted the addons themselves and then reinstalled them, but still, no dice.
  • Grouf
    ESO looks for addons within the My Documents folder, so if you remove them from there then ESO won't find them.

    Windows has an option to move your My Documents (and the other 'My' folder and also your user directory) to another location. I have my user folder and all the 'My' folders on my D drive which has more room and makes storage and backup much easier. But moving those folder may break some (or all) of your programs so do your research first before moving those folders.
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  • Argorok87
    Thanks a lot. Didn't know this before moving it. I'll probably just move it back to My Documents; I'm being kind of trivial over the small amount of data it uses, but it't not a huge problem. Thanks again.
  • altemriel
    do you use minion?
  • Argorok87
    No, I do it manually. I prefer it that way and it's really quite easy to do. The only mistake I made was moving the ESO folder out of My Documents, but it's back now and everything's working again.
  • Gnatz
    If your files haven't moved, and if you have Windows 10, turn OFF the Controlled Folder Access under Ransomware Protection under the VIrus & Threat Protection section or, if you're worried about ransomware because the kids use your machine or something, you can allegedly "whitelist" the ESO program to access and modify files in your Documents folder.

    The "ON" setting for this function won't let the ESO executable do anything with your addon files ... protected areas include Documents, Pictures, Movies, and Desktop.

    There's more info here:

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