Anyone else have an OCD need to match their characters to their mounts?

  • MamaDruid
    Itacira wrote: »
    @MamaDruid wow, awesome ! The redguard looks so good. Also love how serious she looks surrounded by her prettied up ponies x)

    She's actually an Imperial, @Itacira. :) It's hard to take her seriously with the sparkle ponies and their sparkle sounds. :D
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  • iamkeebler

    Yes, I totally have this problem. I do it on every character too, lol. This is my Halloween one. I wish I had pictures of my others readily available.
    Heheh aye I do that with my 14 chars hehe.
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  • MamaDruid
    Update! I think the Dark Shaman costume - and bald head! - make it look so much better.

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    Most people go through life dreading they'll have a traumatic experience. Freaks were born with their trauma. They've already passed their test in life. They're aristocrats.
    ― Diane Arbus
  • Katheriah
    If you don't do this you're not taking this game seriously.
    With love or whatever,
    Grumpy Kath

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  • nerfworthy
    I hadn't realized but I guess my pet matches, LOL, my mount not as much but it's my favorite mount and the only one I've been riding lately. :3

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  • MasterSpatula
    Oh, absolutely. I have characters, not toons, and my characters have stories, backgrounds, etc. I try to make whatever I can make fit fit, including mounts and what non-combat pets they might use.
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  • technohic
    I've tried to most the time and often get frustrated with colors looking different on different armor pieces and getting charge every time I try then go mount to compare.

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  • Dr3sden
    Not wasted you look good.
  • ximelolagnia
    I think my character is the epitome of that X).
  • Aurielle

    Currently working on a BG build site, so I broke my five character max rule and rolled some alts for the purposes of having a mag and stam version of each class.

    They all match their mounts and pets, of course.


    Got this mount randomly while trying to rack up enough gems for the demon rooster, and designed a whole freaking character around it. I couldn’t justify the up front crown cost when it first became available, but since I got it from a pack of four crates randomly, I thought “why not?” Celestial Violet pairs nicely with it.


    CUTE LIL BOSMER WOLF. This is technically a placeholder until I get my Indrik. Colours will be tweaked and pet will be swapped out when I have enough feathers.


    This will also change when I get my Indrik. The character looks better with the imperial horse and the wolf pet, but I can’t exactly have two characters sharing the same pet, can I? Of course not.


    FUN FACT: when you pair that fiery crown store skin with the heavy Outlaw helm, your character’s eyes turn a solid yellow instead of orange. Best bug ever!

    I also gave some old characters a face lift.


    A frosty mount for a magicka warden! I’m not happy with the pet, though... maybe the new snowy gryphon is a better match?


    I hate that Magnus Setting Red looks kind of pinkish in the character selection screen, but it matches the mount well in game. ALSO, THE DEMON ROOSTER’S GLOWING RED-PINK EYES MATCH THE PINK EFFECTS ON SEVERAL MAGNB SKILLS SO PERFECTLY, IT MAKES MY OCD TINGLE.


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