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Housing Anniversary 2019 / Update Wish List

I would LOVE to see the 2019 Q1 or Q2 patch be a Homestead-themed anniversary celebration / update. It would be cool if any of the following were implemented before then, but if not... let's celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Homestead with an update that includes...

- Guildhall Functionality: Ability for a guild master to set a house they own as a guildhall, meaning: guildies could port to it independently of it being the guildmaster's primary residence, bankers in the guildhall would give access to that guild's bank and guildstore, merchant could repair items, and a message board implemented that could act as a message of the day as well as a "trading post" for guildies to trade with each other. Other functionality could be added later, but I think these are the community's priorities.

- New Small & Medium houses: One new, themed, small-sized house added to each Alliance, and one new medium size. (Treehouse, Ayleid ruin, pirate ship (only the ship), etc.). We have a ton of huge houses now, and they're difficult to decorate. The community's been asking for themed houses... they don't have to be huge, limited-time extravaganzas.

- Limited Time Housing Re-list: Re-offer every single limited-time house, even if only for a short duration - perhaps a rolling wave, each offered for 3 days, one at a time over the month.

- More Open Plots of Land: A flat, open, build-your-own-house area added to each Alliance, outside in the normal world, no pocket dimensions or weird sky.

- Structural Building Items: Race-specific structural items added to every basic home goods vendor so we can build a house w/o using Alinor items exclusively.

- Combination Items: Lots and lots of "combination items" created out of existing pieces so we use 1 item slot instead of many - versions of every bookshelf with books included, versions of every wine rack that includes bottles, vases with flowers in them, ink pot & quill together, serving tray with a wine bottle and glasses on it, pre-made themed "clutter" (papers, scrolls & books for a desk, soul gems & tools for an enchanting area, mortar & pestle + herb bundles + vials for an alchemy station...) and so on. I really want to see these things being added to our available patterns, hopefully long before 2019 - THIS is how we deal with the item count issues.

- Daily Rewards of cool housing items.

- Housing-themed Crown Crates

- Misc: Other ideas that have been suggested on the forums a million times - bards/npcs we could put in the home, mounts w/o saddles, pets that can wander around, more water features, the ability to dye furnishing items, etc.
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  • Aliyavana
    B0SSzombie wrote: »

    So in Sotha Sil's workshop in Artauem, there's a full Dwarven Colossus hanging in a corner.

    It's hanging to the ceiling via a connector.

    Any chance we can get this big boy for our own housing in some way?

    Zebendal- Stam Sorc, PC NA
  • Zells
    B0SSzombie wrote: »

    So in Sotha Sil's workshop in Artauem, there's a full Dwarven Colossus hanging in a corner.

    I love him, too. :)
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  • CyberSkooma
    Absolutely need more smaller houses. For the longest time, my primary residence was Hundings Palatial Hall. Last night, i bought Bouldertree Refuge instead and made it my primary.

    Hunding's is cool, and I have it well decorated, but it's simply wayyyy too big. Same with all the fancy houses. Give me some nice smaller ones, yeah? ----Also, plz raise population caps.
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  • Sevalaricgirl
    I like the medium sized homes. I want something dark and eerie. So far I haven't seen anything that matches my needs. But yes, I do think they should bring back the limited time homes.
    I have a Bosmer, three cats, 2 Imps, a dunmer a tall elf and just about every pet and mount in the game. I can officially say that I'm in deep!
  • Jayne_Doe
    Regarding re-releasing limited-time homes, they have re-released Pariah's Pinnacle for the Orsinium anniversary. They could, then hopefully re-release Tel Galen during a Morrowind anniversary event (now that it's a DLC, it could happen), Dawnlight Palace during TG anniversary, Linchal and/or Erstwhile during DB anniversary (although, these were lumped together this past year for an anniversary, so I doubt they'd release 2 or 3 LT homes at the same time).

    It may be wishful thinking, but it's entirely possible that future DLC anniversary events could see the return of these LT homes. Also, Topal could see a return with Murkmire. It's seems Argonian in terms of the style of the structures, and the furnishings that came with the furnished version as well as the limited-time furnishing packs were mostly Argonian.

    I, too, would like to see something happen in the way of an anniversary event for housing. A special house (for gold) could be created each year. I'd prefer these to be small/medium.

    I'd also like to see a house introduced for the New Life Festival, as they did with the Witches Festival. Maybe one for the Jesters Festival (a pocket realm in the Shivering Isles?).

    And yes, more furnishing items to be able to build your own structures - SS is a good start.
    Edited by Jayne_Doe on August 8, 2018 9:44PM
  • sunwalkyr
    Soul Shriven
    I think a neat addition that would spur furnishing a house and create an extra spur to explore and attain different achievements would be to have your toons performing actions in your house based on fully completed skill trees and achievements attained. Like, when I enter my house a toon with 50 provisioning is using a cooking fire, while a different toon is sleeping in a bed and my newly created, low-level toon is sweeping the foyer. I know I'd put my effort in building an environment if when I got to my house, it felt more... alive. Or allow us to craft fabricant servants or see my tank and a dps sparring in the yard. I think this will breath life into our homes that all our characters share.
  • Shadowfell
    Guild hall - big tick!
    New Small & Medium houses - big tick too!
    Combination Items - agreed

    Would love mannequins that we could put sets on - and click to wear..."hang on will just run home and get my PvP gear on"
    Nine Trait Crafting Argonian Templar!

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    Guild: Stinkhorn Ridge Hoppers
  • MornaBaine
    We really need new homes in the middle category. In all the styles.
    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!

  • Lascelly
    Increase of item count please, especially on the notable homes.
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