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Stuck command

The entire purpose of the /stuck command is to report terrain issues that cause players to get stuck inside an object or terrain defect. As it is currently implemented most terrain issues are not going to get reported and therefore fixed because of the "port fee". I agree that the port fee is placed there originally to prevent the free port from being abused. Since housing has been added its easier and cheaper to simply port to a players house as its free. I recommend that what should be happening once the /stuck command is used is upon acceptance you get charged and when the dev's investigate the terrain issue and verify its validity the cost of the report should be refunded. You cant fix an issue if you dont know about it and the current scheme makes it cheaper and easier to not report the issue
  • Sparr0w
    Everytime recently I've tried to use it I've had a 32 minute cool down, even if not used previously.
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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  • Nestor
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    Other than a delve, I never use the Stuck command because the delay it has built into it. Cost has no bearing on it.

    Imteresting hypothesis on the stuck command being used for reporting. Not sure if that is true, there is no feedback from the game indicating any report is being made. Could account for the annoying delay in its use.
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  • Vandellia
    Most of the Games i have played in the past have done an auto report of the x/y/z coord of the player so that the devs can find terrain issues. its fairly logical that this game also follows this common process. If it does not then they need to clarify that. and if it does the also need to adjust the info to stat this as well
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