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Moggnak Clan is Recruiting! (DC)(Orc-only)

The Moggnak Clan is a long standing Orc guild that is dedicated to following the Code of Malacath while bringing honor to our stronghold.

Here is some basic info about how we're organized. If you wish to join, message me on XBL.
GT: lxThe Despairxl



-Every Orc must show due respect to the Orcs that outrank them. Showing disrespect could result in disciplinary action as deemed fit by the Chieftain.

-If an issue or request arises that cannot be handled at an Orc's rank level, then they are to bring the issue or request to their direct superior first before going any higher in the hierarchy.


-To promote from a Grunt to a Berserker, an Orc must be 160CP and be accepted into the Warband by a Warchief.

-To promote from Berserker to Captain, an Orc must either be appointed to the position if there is a vacancy, or the Orc may challege an existing Captain for their position.

-To promote from Captain to Warchief, an Orc must either be appointed to the position due to vacancy, challenge the existing Warchief for their position, or have enough support in the Clan, including the Chieftain's permission, to form their own Warband.

-To promote from Warchief to Chieftain, an Orc must either challenge the existing Chieftain for the title, or break off from the Moggnak Clan and form their own Clan.

Challenging for Rank

-To challenge an Orc for their rank, an Orc must be one rank below the Orc they are challenging and win 2 out of 3 of the following:

A. Defeat the Orc in a best 2/3 1v1 duel.
B. Have the Chieftain's approval
C. Have the unanimous approval of all existing Warchiefs not involved in the conflict.

-If an Orc loses their rank they are demoted to the next rank down and it is then up to their new superior to chose whether or not they remain in their unit.

-Any officer rank, including the Chieftain's, may be challenged for.


-It is a requirement that all members of the Moggnak Clan be an Orc with one exception.

-In very rare cases, a non-Orc may become a Bloodkin (honorary Orc) if they are accepted into the clan by the Chieftain. To be accepted as a Bloodkin, a non-Orc must prove that they are worthy enough to be considered equals of natural Orcs.

Clan Rank Structure

•Chieftain Rank

-The Chieftain must choose the direction for the Clan. He or she is the only one that makes any deals, alliances, or declarations of war against other guilds. The Chieftain has the final say in all Clan matters and is also in charge of their own personal Warband.

•Warband Ranks: A Warband is the basic fighting unit of any Orc Clan. Warbands are made up of three levels of Orcs:

-Warchief: The leader of the Warband. They are responsible for mobilizing their Warband when summoned to war by the Chieftain, keeping the Warband active by planning at least one Warband-exclusive event each week, training up the Orcs under them for combat, and ensuring that they are accountable for their Orc's participation, status, and individual needs. Warchiefs are also advisors to the Chieftain and may act in the Chieftain's place in their absence.

-Captain: Lower level officers that are responsible for assisting the Warchief with minor tasks and responsibilities, actively fighting alongside the Berserkers under them, and taking charge of the Warband in the Warchief's absence. There are 3 types of Captains: Battle Captain(PvP), Guard Captain(PvE), and Supply Captain(Crafter). They also act as advisors to the Warchief they serve.

-Berserker: Loyal member of the Clan that has been accepted as a member of a Warband. A Berserker is at least a 160CP Orc (or is rapidly reaching that goal) that frequently participates in Clan-level and Warband-level events. They hold no leadership positions, but are senior to all Grunts and may direct Grunts as they deem fit to accomplish Clan tasks.

•Lowest Rank

-Grunt- Either a new member to the Clan or an inactive member. Grunts need to prove their worth to be accepted into a Warband. If a Grunt does not move up the hierarchy within a reasonable amount of time, or if they do not heed the call from the Chieftain or Warchief when called upon, then they are at risk to get banished from the Clan.
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