Maintenance for the week of April 3:
• PC/Mac: No NA megaserver maintenance – April 3
• PC/Mac: EU megaserver for maintenance – April 3, 8:00PM EDT (April 4, 00:00 UTC) – April 4, 10:00AM EDT (14:00 UTC)

Paragon Core 1/ Core 2

Both core teams for “Paragon” are looking to add some dps and Support to our rosters. Here are the requirements

1. Must be able to pick up mechanics quickly.
2. Must be hitting 50k self (Stam) and 40k self (mag)
3. Must have experience at least through craglorn HMs
4. Must be able to handle constructive criticism and take direction.
5. Must be available to run all the nights of the core team that they join for at least 2 hours.

iMAKE UMQUIT ‘s team runs TUESDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY at 9:30 central

Eternal Bastian’s team runs WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY at 9:30 central.

If you think you can meet these requirements please Xbox Message one of our raid leads and they will get with you for more information. And feel free to private message myself or raid leads.
MagTemplar Healer
Stamplar 42 solo Parse 6 mil
DK Tank
MagBlade 46 solo Parse 3mil
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