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Quest Dailies in Cyrodiil question...

What is a good way to go about completing the quest board dailies in Cyrodiil? I don't have problems killing a certain amount of enemy players, but all the other ones, I have issues with and eventually abandon those quests after holding onto them for weeks.

I am not the best PvPer and I am learning, although taking me longer than usual. I am a PvEer at heart. But I like PvP too.

These daily quests that I get always seem to be in areas across the map that are never around the zones my alliance controls.

When I do try and go tho these areas to complete the quests, friendly players never seem to be around, or there are not enough of us to successfully take the resource area or keep, etc...

The daily about taking the scroll, well I just never take that quest.
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  • Astrid_V
    Take only quests like kill 40 players, capture any 3 keeps etc, about rest of quests you cas ask group mates to share it with you if you will go with them to specific keep or for specific scroll.
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  • VaranisArano
    I only pick up the "Capture Castle X" if I know its someplace my faction goes often. I'm EP, so I'd grab Capture Fort Aleswell because eventually the zerg is going there, but I'd ignore Capture Castle Brindle because EP rarely pushes to Brindle.
  • Alamakot
    Simply take keep/resource take/scout quest and abandon it. After some time board is reset (the more ppl taking quests, the faster) and you'll pick another destination.
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