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Social PVE Guild Recruiting

The Mists of Tamriel is currently recruiting! We are a casual, social PVE guild looking for laid-back, friendly players of all levels and play styles. No dues or requirements other than being respectful of other guild members. No toxic behavior will be accepted. Hoping to build a friendly environment for people to explore Tamriel together and learn from each other. We do have a BAND page. If you are interested or have questions, please leave your GT below or send me a message. Although we are recruiting for all roles, we are especially on the hunt for tanks and healers to help out with pledges and dungeon runs!
  • Tundah
    Soul Shriven
    I’d appreciate an invite please.
    GT: Tundah
  • Ammogirl1119
    I will get you an invite as soon as I can!
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