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Crown Store purchases moved to PC from PS4

I have waaaaaay too many crowns I have spent on the Playstation version of ESO, and have since future proofed my experience by moving to PC. I am currently building a new set of characters, but have a small request. I dont want any of my gold purchases, nor do I want my characters, research, mount speeds, achievements or gamee related content. I only want all of my crown store purchases again. I have a great many mounts, and things I have received from crown crates and the like, and would love to have them moved to my PC account. NOT copied, moved. I don't intend to use them on my PS4 sub account any more, but losing 3+ years of actual money purchases is a huge source of regret and discontent.Please allow this, and I will be much happier.
For the love of... Oh forget it. You've already stole it, so let's have fun!

PS4 - 15 / 15 characters
Djinn Z - PVP - Random Nightblade Build
Djinn Vi - PVE - Pet sorc (Summoner)
Dro'Humilem - PVE - Stamblade (Rampage)
Bunni Z - PVE - Stamplar (Jabsmania)
Raistlin Majere - PVE - Sorc DD (Mystic)
Richard Rahl - PVE - Health Tank (Siphoner)
Theophylaktos - PVE - Dragonknight Tank (Catalyst)
Heka the Goddess - PVE - Templar Tank (Paladin)
Jessica Rabbit - PVE - Dragonknight DD (Venom)
Warden Frostangla - PVE - Warden DD (fire and ice)
Carra the Emulsifier - PVE - Templar DD (Beamplar)
He-man - PVP - Stam Warden (Spectre)
Radelia Umexidor - PVP - Bow Gank (Silencium)
Katarina Death Bringer - PVP - Magicka Nightblade (Zerg Bomb)
Mazakeen the Lilim - PVE/PVP - Stam sorc
  • Taleof2Cities
    There is no platform to platform transfer of anything, @djinn1148, sorry.

    These are two separate accounts.
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