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what is a good pvp rotation for mag sorc!?

how do you stop doing hardfrags do you go first haunting curse into endless fury then crystal frag or what is on everyones bar.
  • Myux
    no such thing as rotations in pvp proper. different skills for different situations. generally the meta magsorc play is to stack every bit of damage on one instant, similar to warden. time your curse for the burst, get your execute on em, drop meteor, time your rune cage right, then smack em with frags if its up (probably is), and that will kill most unprepared players, especially if you had em decently pressured beforehand.

    keep in mind every decent player is gonna see that coming a mile away and interrupt you from doing it. how you deal with that is up to you being a better player than them.
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  • rumple9
    Endless fury, sloads, repeat
  • itscompton
    As Myux said above PvP doesn't have a rotation you do again and again. Most fights against Sorcs involve them streaking to get ideal range and then hitting with a burst combo along the lines of: Ward, LA, Curse, LA, Ward, LA, Endless Fury, Comet, Rune Cage, LA.

    The Curse, Comet, and LA hitting in the same global cooldown while stunned takes most people into execute range proccing Endless Fury and killing them . But if not you just hit the still stunned target with any damage ability you like to finish them.
    It's so easy it's cheesy.
    Edited by itscompton on July 12, 2018 9:09PM
  • BigBragg
    Shields up, Rune Cage, Endless Fury, Meteor, Profit.
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  • JJBoomer
    Apparently nothing. Because anything magsorc that performs well makes people cry and have temper tantrums like babies and gets nerfed. So do whatever lol
    Edited by JJBoomer on July 13, 2018 12:39AM
  • mmolegends44
    So what if you do not have meteor would u use dawnbreaker instead!?
  • Didgerion
    Don't press T for death recap, sloads' still there.
  • ezio45
    curse, runecage, wrath, frag

    try to line up the curse and frag at the same time
  • Gprime31
    rumple9 wrote: »
    Endless fury, sloads, repeat

    Forgot ice comet
  • xAk_MoRRoWiNdx
    Rotation on a Magsorc? What's that? Do anything on a Magsorc and you win, you don't have to do any rotation or combo. That is all.
    New to forums and stuff so I 99.9 percent probably won't see your response and such, so use the at symbol at me I guess? IDK :/. This BBCode stuff is really cool!! :D.
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  • Jurand80
    Depends on your frag proc

    For me it's la, curse, bar swap, fury, block, la, crushing shock/ward(with block) to get a frag proc and finish with meteor, rc, la, frag (second fury if needed). Meteor always before rc.

    If lag makes you do a hardfrag and you see you can get away with it learn how to anim cancel it.
    Edited by Jurand80 on July 13, 2018 11:44AM
  • Vahrokh
    Finally a good PvP thread!

    Now, what can a sorc do if meteor is not up? It sounds odd that one has to wait who-knows-how-long before he can try again to kill a guy.
  • Jailbirdy
    how do you stop doing hardfrags do you go first haunting curse into endless fury then crystal frag or what is on everyones bar.

    Spell>light attack>Spell>Light Attack>Spell>reboot console>repeat...
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  • ak_pvp
    Depends on your personal feel for it. Fury is the longest buff, but no one uses it first since you don't know when your frag will pop, and you don't want to lose a gcd on a non execute fury. So most put curse first.

    1) Curse applied. 2) Fury applied. 3) Rune sent 4) Frags sent. (curse explodes, rune lands) 5) Frags lands. Fury pops as execute is reached.

    Assuming frag has procced. If it hasn't, then pulse however many times necessary at gcd 4. Being pressured, winged, los'd or lagged will change this.
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  • gamerguy757
    1) Travel to your gate
    2) Activate Wayshrine
    3) Leave bc no rotation will matter bc pvp is unplayable
  • JamieAubrey
    Koolio wrote: »
    Follow Zerg. Rune cage Endless Fury Endless Fury Endless Fury Endless Fury Endless Fury


    Pretty much, me with every low target and just to be extra trolly, VD set, Kill one they all drop
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  • Drummerx04
    1) Travel to your gate
    2) Activate Wayshrine
    3) Leave bc no rotation will matter bc pvp is unplayable

    The true answer.
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