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will stampede snare be addressed in this patch?

i didnt see it in the patch notes

  • griffkhalifa
    Bfish22090 wrote: »
    i didnt see it in the patch notes

    addressed in what way...?
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  • DenMoria
    Agreed. What needs addressed? Did you want a Nerf or a Buff or what?
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  • generalmyrick
    probably a nerf because after the changes this is the new meta? idk...just spitballin.
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  • Bfish22090
    they nerfed most snares but didnt touch stampede

  • Ragnarock41
    Didn't stampete recently got nerfed aswell as crit rush? What more do you want? To remove the snare entirely? Sure, give me back the old crit rush and I'll happily drop stampede.
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  • Koolio
    They just recently reduced the duration from 8 to 4 or 6 to 4 I cant remember the update. It was when they nerfed all gap closers
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