Force locking and treasure hunter.

I hear people saying force locking will not give you the benefit of treasure hunter or when you force lock a chest no one else gets the benefit of treasure hunter.
I also hear that treasure hunter works only with the person that opens the chest.

I've been in several debates about this. When i force pick a lock i still get the benefits of treasure hunter. More gold and more loot, i have done the test on myself. When i open a chest that someone else opens i seem to still get more gold and more then without treasure hunter.

Does it really matter who opens the chest or how they open the chest? If you have treasure hunter unlocked you will still get the benefits of the passive yeah? I think so.
  • ResTandRespeC
    The one nice thing about all the cp increases is that i no longer have to gimp sustain to get treasure hunter. Respecing for treasure chests at the end of trials was never fun.
  • lardvader
    From my experience what VaranisArano say it's correct. I've seen this discussion several times with ppl in dungeons who stress out regarding who got the passive and should open chest etc.

    I just let people who believe in all this open them if it's that important. Otherwise I just force that lock (and mostly with TH).
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  • Cêltic421
    Thanks guys
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