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The Heroes Guild (Friendly/Social)(New Players Welcome!)

  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @Silumgahr

    It's always great to meet like-minded people, I gotta say that it has been refreshing to meet so many people that were looking for a group of cool people to just have fun with and enjoy the game. I will send you an invite in a few mins and just let me know if you would be interested in taking on a leadership role given your experience as a guild master. Welcome to the guild!
  • ChadVVicked
    Updated information to include our Obstacle Course that rewards FREE Crown Crates.
  • Zypher128
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: Phillis257

    Played when if first came out, got to around level 50 finished main story, coming back now and starting over to get a feel for the game again. I try and get on for a bit everyday but with a 10 month old and a full time job that isnt always a thing but would love to have friends to play with when i get time.
  • ChadVVicked

    Its no problem, we have a bunch of members with new families and full-time jobs (me included). This is why we wanted to start a casual guild where people could have a group to play with and have fun when they did have time to get online. We don't have any time requirements or anything like that so just let us know if you ever need help or want to run something and we will be more than happy to assist!

    I will send you an invite in a few minutes.
  • ocho_quatro
    Sounds like a good fit. I played when ESO first came out then took two years off but I have 254 cp and I main as a healer. Looking to learn and help others run dungeons and trials. I play most nights and the weekends. PSN is ocho_quatro. If there’s still room, I’d like to join
  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @ocho_quatro

    There is still room and we would love to have you, I will send you an invite in a few minutes. Welcome to the guild!
  • testdepth26
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I have played around on eso in the past but am just now really getting into it. I am still very armature but would love to be a part of a community to enhance the experience.

    PSN: Coverfire47
  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @testdepth26

    I am glad to hear that you are getting back into it, feel free to ask questions or for help whenever you need we are always happy to help make the game as fun as possible! I will send you an invite now, welcome to the guild!
  • sophri
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, I’m a player new to ESO (haven’t played since the beta until just recently). This guild looks like something I’m looking for so if there’s space I’d love to be invited. My PSN is the same (sophri). Also does the guild have something like a discord chat?
  • ChadVVicked
    Hello @sophri

    We certainly have space and would love to have you join us, we do not currently use discord or any out of game chat mainly because we wanted to maintain the "casual" feel of the guild and didn't want members to feel like they needed have discord or they would miss out on something. We may implement something like this soon but as with all of our decisions, we will do whatever most of our members feel comfortable with and support. I will send you an invite now, welcome to the guild!
  • six2fall
    Played at launch some & just returned in June so guess semi-vet. Looking to find an active guild for grouping during day mostly. Psn six2fall

    Does guild use discord at all or is it mainly ingame text or voice chat?
  • FLL200C
    I would like an invite please. Sounds like a fun guild! PSN: FLL200C
  • ChadVVicked
    @six2fall @fll200c

    Hey guys sorry for the late reply I was out of town this week. We would love to have you and I will toss you an invite in a few mins. We mainly use in-game text/chat for now because we didn't want people to feel obligated to discord but we have discussed it and may implement it in the near future. Thanks for joining and welcome to the guild!
  • Feyziness
    PSN: osmanli_yigit
    I’d like an invite thanks.
    CP715+ looking to do Vet content as I have mostly PVP’ed up till now
  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @Feyziness

    Nothing wrong with some PvP, that is all a bunch of us did for a long and still play plenty of BattleGrounds and Cyrodiil so we welcome the help! I will toss you an invite here in a few minutes and welcome to the guild!

  • GreenhaloX
    This Heroes Guild resonates with what I like to have going on ESO. Would like to give your guild a try. Can you shoot me an invite. PSN is greenhalo. Thanks in advance.
  • Alistair_Ferelden
    Soul Shriven
    Hi. New player here. Can I request to join your guild?

    PSN: King_Alistair_II

  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @GreenhaloX @Alistair_Ferelden

    I can shoot both of you an invite in a few minutes, we would be happy to have you join. Welcome to the guild!
  • GreenhaloX
    Hey @GreenhaloX @Alistair_Ferelden

    I can shoot both of you an invite in a few minutes, we would be happy to have you join. Welcome to the guild!

    Hey @ChadVVicked, not sure what happened, but I logged in this morning and not in your guild anymore. Damn.. only after a half of day. Ha ha. Not sure if I got kicked or maybe that is what it is. From my side, I feel I had a nice text/conversation with you shooting the breeze about having more cool people with the same views and concept to roll around with. I'm all about finding cool peeps who are respectful of each other to run those dungeons and end game stuff. Like I said, your concept of this Heroes Guild resonates with the guild I had run. At the end of the day.. it should be more about quality over quantity.. at least, from my view. However, no worries if somehow I may not feel like a fit for you or anyone else in this guild. Game on and the best for the growth of this guild of your.
  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @GreenhaloX

    Whoa that is weird, I don't know what happened it certainly wasn't anything on my part. I really enjoyed our conversation and think you will be a great fit for the guild so don't worry I will get another invite sent in a few minutes, I am about to log in now!
  • GreenhaloX
    Hey @GreenhaloX

    Whoa that is weird, I don't know what happened it certainly wasn't anything on my part. I really enjoyed our conversation and think you will be a great fit for the guild so don't worry I will get another invite sent in a few minutes, I am about to log in now!

    Whoa.. yeah. Nevermind. Ha ha. Apparently, I'm showing back in the guild again after logged back in this evening. Good lord, all these bugs and glitches! Good now I see. Thanks for your support.. appreciated..
  • Aethercat
    Hey :) Been playing for a few months and just now getting comfortable with all of the game mechanics & features. Saved social / PvP for last. Mind if I join your guild?
  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @Aethercat

    We wouldn't mind at all! You are more than welcome to join us, we would be happy to have you!! I will send an invite now.
  • Richard_Ralh
    This looks like a decent guild. Can I get an invite. I have only 2 low level toons at the moment. Been off for some time now and only recently started playing again. I always like to start from scratch, if I've been gone for more then a few months. Lol

    By PSN name I assume you mean my PSN profile name? It's Star_King1977.

    My current toon is Faelan Loraethan, a level 16 High Elf Warden in the Aldmeri Dominion.
    My other toon is Richard Ralh, a level 10 Imperial Dragonknight in the Daggerfall Covenant.

  • Jax73
    Soul Shriven
    Returning player in he Ebonheart Pack with a lvl 50/160+ Healer, Damage and Tank characters. I am also starting a new Healer to convert my current healer to a full time crafter. I am looking for a smaller guild to do some of the end game content with. I would like to join your guild.

    PSN: Jax73

    Thank You
  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @Richard_Ralh @Jax73

    Glad to see you both are getting back into ESO, I am logging in now so I will send you invites ASAP. Just let me know if you need anything or have any questions we are always happy to help!
  • RB1113
    Soul Shriven
    Do you still have room for one more to join your Guild
    PS4 ID is RB1113
    Level 833
    Looking for groups to do Undaunted runs.
    Craglorn group events
    Have been playing since before One Tamriel and these are just about the only achievements and activities I need to complete, been pretty much playing Solo the whole time.
    I also have quite a few things to sell or give away in the Guild Bank
  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @RB1113

    We still have plenty of room in the guild and would be happy to have you. A lot of our members are also players who usually play solo and just wanted a nice group of people that they can form groups with. Anytime you want to run something just post in the guild chat and there is usually always people willing to help out. I will send you the invite this afternoon when I log in!
  • jesse15
    Soul Shriven
    Cp 250 know most of the basics, trying to get into more end game stuff if you guys are still looking
    Psn: jesse_skeets
  • Addison
    Soul Shriven
    If you’re still recruiting/available and have space, I’d love to join. I currently have no experience on ESO (I’m brand new, will make a character in the morning when I wake up and it finishes downloading) but I’m not new to MMORPGs, although I am new to end game stuff and raiding in all MMORPGs.
    So, you can pretty much just call me me a novice!!!
    I’d love to join this guild because I love to group up with others and tackle content in the game or just help with leveling among other different things a group can do together!
    I do love to solo as well a lot, but if anyone wants to ever hang out with me I’m definitely available to do stuff.
    Just don’t forget I’m brand new so I’ll get confused about things a lot. XD

    I hope that was a good enough post :3
    I’d really love to join Hero’s Guild!!!

    My PSN is OhAddison

    I’ll be up in 8-11 hours after sleep then get right on the game... so feel free to add my PSN at anytime or I’ll patiently wait for you!!! :)
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