The Heroes Guild (Casual - PvE & EP PvP) New & Vet Players Welcome!

  • alaska2640
    Soul Shriven
    Looking to join
    Level 18 high elf sorcerer
    new to game.
  • ZealFlux
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I am new to the ps4 version and would like to make some friends here and get in a guild. I used to play the PC version. psn ID is ZealFlux
  • Herumor1234
    Soul Shriven
    Hello.Psn is Asspuncher74.CP 220 sorc main but still very new.Only been playing for about 6 weeks.Looking for friendly group to teach me more.
  • Asdavis711
    Soul Shriven
    Hi i would like to join!

    PSN : Raving_Insanity
  • judasentinel
    Soul Shriven

    I am judasentinel. My wife and I both play ESO, and we have two characters, both 250+CP Veterans. Would love to join and be part of the community, both to learn and to help.

  • TomCarterESO
    Just made the move to the NA server from EU (wanted a fresh start) and would like an invite.


    Veteran Rank 16 Dark Elf Templar
  • Kongar56
    Soul Shriven
    PSN Oldman-Wolf
    Yes I am an oldman lol I am in Germany and play around midnight EST - around 2:00 a.m. and then 1 p.m. until 4 - 6 p.m. EST.

    Started 1 week ago so very New as of today I have a Breton Templar lvl 26

    I would appreciate an invite.
  • ChadVVicked
    @janglesmom @demonicraiders @Eilly7 @alaska2640 @ZealFlux @Herumor1234 @Asdavis711 @judasentinel @TomCarterESO @Kongar56

    Hey everyone, I am happy to hear that you are all interested in joining the guild and I will be sending your invites out in a few minutes when I log in. I apologize for not replying sooner but I was recently promoted at work so my schedule has been a little hectic lately. Again I am sorry for the late reply and please let me know if you need anything, I am always happy to help any way I can!
  • tysmart99
    Soul Shriven
    Played ESO back when first release on ps4 very very little, now getting back into it but very new to the game.

    PSN: TylerS_54321
  • ChadVVicked
    Hey @tysmart99

    I will send you an invite now, just let me know if you need anything or have any questions!
  • jcavanaugh54b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    So Im actually a long time player of ESO since the Beta, but Id fallen off for awhile as my friends stopped playing. Im wanting to play again, but I just dont enjoy playing without friends. I mean, it is an MMO. Hoping maybe this guild could be ehat Im looking for! Looking to start a new char and experience the new chapters as Ive yet to do that.
    PSN: J-Boy0042
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  • Mookie_McGroin
    Hey, can I get an invite to the guild...PSN: Mookie_McGroin. Thanks
  • ChadVVicked
    @jcavanaugh54b14_ESO @Mookie_McGroin

    I will send you guys an invite in a few minutes when I log in!
  • russelmmendoza
    Psn - russelmm0828
    Vet cp400
    I dont have a training dummy so I dont know my dps.
    Guess is 12k to 15k dps hundings spriggan no monter set yet. Krag for head. Velidreth on shoulder.
    All purple quality.
  • RobHaywood1989
    Hey I would love to join y’all and help out in anyway I can. Veteran player been playing since launch with 1.5 years off in between;) PSN RobHaywood1989
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  • Ponies4All
    Soul Shriven
    Hey- I'm very new to the game and definitely looking for a fun, friendly guild. This one sounds great! Could use the help, and will be happy to help others as I learn more. PSN Kriesara. Thank you!
  • Spudzylla2086
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I've been playing ESO on and off since launch, first on PC then on PS4. Most of it has been solo, would like to get into more group oriented activities. I have 5 CP 590 characters, most of which are set up for DPS or healing. Have done healing and a bit of tanking in other MMO's but haven't had much practice in ESO since I've been lone wolfing it.

    I would be interesting in joining if you are still recruiting.

    PSN: Spudzylla

  • pyrometheus
    Hey, cp 257 sorcerer here. Took a long break but just got back on after getting summerset for cheap. Would be nice to have a chill group that could show me some of the new content and what not.

    PSN- PyromethesDrakco
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  • ChadVVicked
    @russelmmendoza @RobHaywood1989 @Ponies4All @Spudzylla2086 @pyrometheus

    Hey everyone, I am glad to hear that you all are interested in joining! I will send you an invite in a few minutes when I log in, please just let me know if you need any help or have any questions!
  • Andrea050290
    Soul Shriven
    Invite please Andrea050290
  • the_reason_urage
    Psn: the_reason_urage
    Veteran noob. 341 cp but have been away from the game mostly since they removed veteran levels. A lot of new content and changes for me.
  • eddytsnow
    Soul Shriven
    Psn: crazy_eddy
    New(ish) player. I enjoy eso when it first came out but had to stop playing games all together for a while due to work and life events. Returning and looking for a casual/social guild. I dont mind helping where i can and am looking to learn more about the game.
  • immortalpaladin1776
    I am a returning player who has never got past lev40 and only has new toons
  • Kahlan04
    Soul Shriven
    Please consider my hubby and I


    We both are just under 400 CP (he is a DK, I’m a NB) and we both also have crafting skills to 50. :)

    Thank you !
  • Davidepass1
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there, I'm level 11 dark elf, would like to join
    Psn: Th3_Hack3r_546
  • ChadVVicked
    @Andrea050290 @the_reason_urage @eddytsnow @immortalpaladin1776 @Kahlan04 @Davidepass1

    Hey guys,

    I am always happy to see more people interested in joining the guild and helping others enjoy the game. I was recently promoted (yay) which has cut into the amount of time I can dedicate to ESO (boo) so I have not been as active lately BUT we still have close to 100 members who are still active and always looking for other cool, helpful people to play with. The purpose of the guild has always been to create a place where players could look for groups and join others in a friendly helpful environment without being judged or treated unfairly, so if that sounds good to you then you are in the right place! I will send you all an invite today and I look forward to playing with you all soon!!

    Just let me know if you ever need anything and I will do my best to respond ASAP!
  • AlphaCrucis
    Can I please get an invite.
    PSN AlphaCrucis-Crux. Currently CP400+

    I’ve been playing on and off since launch and am just returning back after a year off. My old guild mates have all left ESO so looking for a chill casual guild.

    I mainly solo (overland content) with a mag sorc pet build.

    I’m levelling a healer, that’s sitting on level 49

    Just re-spect my mag dk into a tank, that I have been playing a lot of lately in PUG groups.

    Hoping to find chilled laid back people to run and learn more about the Machanics of dungeons with.
    Australian, Aldmeri Dominion
    Altmer, Dragonknight (mag), Damage Dealer
    Brenton, Templar, Healer
    Bosmer, Nightblade (stam), Damage Dealer, PvP
    PS4, NA Server
    Guild Member Of: Brotherhood of Bogans
  • pjkreese
    I would like to join.
  • Riny01
    Hi I’m a returning player who’s looking for a low fuss guild to join.

    My main character is level 27.

    PSN: Riny_01
  • shadowff302
    Soul Shriven
    Champ 325

    Was considered a vet but took some time off still knowledgeable but need to catch up on the new stuff and such
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