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Did a Zaan nerf sneak through?

Hello there

I was parsing with my magtemplar this afternoon and something seemed a little fishy to me. While trying out how Siroria / BSW / Mother Sorrow etc work out, i realized, that no matter what i do; Zaan always deals less dmg than on my saved parse pre Summerset.

This is the parse Pre Summerset, wearing Mechanical Acuity + 4 Moondancer + VMA inferno backbar:

This is the parse Post Summerset, wearing Siroria + BSW + VMA inferno backbar:

This is the parse Post Summerset, wearing Mechanical Acuity + BSW + VMA inferno backbar:

As you may notice, i never manage to get Zaan as high as it used to be, and i honestly dont believe, that the MA uptime post Summerset is the only thing that is causing the dmg loss on zaan.
Am i missing something? i never read something in the patchnotes about zaan doing less dmg, then again; its pretty hard to search the forums about zaan, because all i get are nerfthreads.
Maybe i will seem like a total fishhead after someone posts the patchnotes where it mentions that zaan got nerfed. or maybe a tweak on that set sneaked through without beeing mentioned. I really dont know.

Thank you for the help in advance
  • Karm1cOne
    Did you change cp distribution? It's only 500 damage different. That doesnt sound like a Zos nerf.
  • Jimmy_The_Fixer
    You proc'd zaans fewer times in the post-summerset parses, I think you just got good zaan proc RNG in the first parse. Also, MA can't have anything to do with zaan damage since proc damage is incapable of critting.

    This looks less like a ninja nerf and more like a case of RNG variance, especially because the data pool here is so low ( you only have one preSummerset parse, what if that's an outlier?).
  • Berenhir
    + no minor slayer post summerset
    + minor vulnerability only in the second post summerset parse
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