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Why is it when I make a stamina tank it seems so counterintuitive?

Hey it’s me ya boy. I was a magNB tank for the longest until they took away my Siphoning Attacks and I got demoralized

This was me:

Now I’m back and I’m trying to make a Warden tank or a Templar tank. Every time i look at my skills all I can see is the logic to use my mag pool for spells and my stam pool for blocking, rolling, breaking free. The thought of using my stam pool to cast something seems just so wrong. And yet. I want to try to make a stam tank. I’ve done so much of this game as a magNB and a magTemplar. It’s time to be a stamWarden and or a stamPlar.

1) pve only. Vet pledges eventually. i solo mostly until I have to do a pledge.
2) no vampires and no race changes.
3)575 cp right now but the characters are lvl 30 and under.

Point me in the right direction here my friends. All the beginner guides I found have me setting up my cps for magicka. It’d be nice to use a bow on the Warden backbar when solo and a 2h on the Templar backbar when solo. Just for flavor.
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Best Answer

  • Vajrak
    ....Well, this is about to be painfully easy to explain, and I'll do it with the class I know best, i.e. Templar.

    Note: As a Templar, you are playing what I affectionately refer to as a "Shatter Tank" --- you're whole goal is not to be constantly blocking, but to be triggering off procs for damage/healing while keeping the largest threat with major/minor breach/fracture as much as possible.

    Set 1: Seventh Legion Brute (Heavy) x5
    Set 2: Night Terror (Medium) x5 -- Try to get the Unique Jewelry with health buffs
    Set 3 (Monster): Spawn of Mephala (Light/Heavy)

    Head, Chest, Legs Infused
    Sword Defending Shield Sturdy
    2h MAUL Defending (Penetration bonus, without huge resistance sacrifice)

    Food: Garlic Cod With Potato Crust (Max Health/Stam)

    Weapon Enchant: Hardening

    Jewelry Enchant: Increase Physical Harm

    Attributes: Health 34, Stamina 30

    Mundus: The Lady (Resistance)

    CP Distribution:
    26 Heavy Armor Focus
    56 Hardy/Elemental Defender/Thick Skinned
    56 Ironclad

    27 Physical Weapons Expert
    56 Master-At-Arms (Burning Light and Night Terror effect are Direct Damage)
    56 Precise Strikes/Mighty
    55 Piercing

    20 Warlord
    53 Bashing Focus
    75 Tenacity
    100 Shadow Ward
    2 Tumbling

    Bar 1: Spiked Bone Shield, Pierce Armor, Power of the Light, Silver Leash, Defensive Posture Ult: Empowering Sweep
    Bar 2: Critical Rush, Brawler, Restoring Focus, Inner Beast, Rally Ult: Empowering Sweep

    Use Empowering Sweep for the chance to proc Burning Light passive, the bonus block mitigations from Aedric Spear require an ability, and the 15% minimum damage reduction --- it's low cost, so don't be afraid to spam it whenever it is up.

    Heavy Attack weave as often as possible, use Silver Leash to gather mobs to you, Defensive Posture to make mages stun themselves if you haven't pulled them yet, Spiked Bone Shield up often, Power of the Light on the highest threat targets so that they die a bit faster, Block when necessary only. You should be Heavy Attacking whenever you don't have to cast or block, and again --- use Empowering Sweep whenever you can unless you are down to end of a pack and want to open the next group with it. On bosses, use it any time it is available, period.

    Keep Rally up as often as possible, on boss fights you can keep up Brawler for the extra DoT+Shield value it gives you (works in trash also, since it gets more shield per mob hit)

    Final Stats for the above build:
    Health --- 35k
    Magicka--- 9k
    Stamina --- 25k

    Physical Resistance --- 31.5k
    Spell Resistance --- 32.2k

    Weapon Damage (full buffed): 3k
    Bash Damage: 4k
    Heavy Attack (Sword/shield): 5.9k
    Heavy Attack (2h): 6.1k (and small AoE)
    Block Mitigation: 64%

    Heavy Attacks: Create an AoE field around you for ~1.1k dps poison damage
    Night Terror, when taking damage, poisons the target for ~ 2k damage/1s CD (2.1k dps)
    Brawler: ~500 dps + shield
    Seventh Legion: 10% chance to heal for 1.2k when taking damage (2s CD)
    Spiked Shield: returns 33% of melee damage (direct)

    Good health? Check
    Good stamina? Check
    Resource Management (HP/Stamina) with pots and heavy attacks? Check
    Near cap Resistances? Check
    Bonus Mitigations? Check (Block with Aedric Spear passive + Empowering Sweep 15% minimum reduced damage taken)
    Mob Debuff (Breach/Fracture, Major and Minor)? Check
    Self healing? Check (Rally + heal while taking damage)
    Gap-Closer? Check (Critical Rush)
    Ranged Fighting ability? Negative, but you can still taunt with Inner Beast at least.

    Optional: Can drop Critical Rush Repentance to keep you topped up during trash fights/add heavy situations OR can replace Defensive Posture with Shielded Assault (which I personally would, it pays to have a gap closer as a tank more often than not, and this isn't a Perma-Block oriented build).

    Edit: Also consider slotting Radiant Aura on your backbar instead of Critical Rush -- Magdps will never be angry that you are giving them magic drain along with major/minor breach. IF desired, slot Warhorn on the backbar --- you need the empowering sweep with your shield for the aedric spear passives.

    Edit 2: Heavy Attacks should restore ~4k Stamina....that's a pretty good chunk with a 25k max pool, more than the cost of a Bone Shield.

    Edited by Vajrak on June 29, 2018 6:16AM
    Accepted Answer
  • Thorstienn
    Should be easy for up to Vet dungeons. You have bone shield for group, hail/razor caltrops are decent for AoE application of crusher and DPS, silver leash for pulling, brawler gives you a shield. I'd still suggest using some magicka abilities for utility like range taunt and maybe psijic order timestop for cc for example.
    You'll probably want some reduce feat cost glyphs on your jewelry to help stamina sustain (as it doesn't recover while blocking): bull netch will be great for that with warden.
    Hope that gives you some ideas.
    Edited by Thorstienn on June 29, 2018 4:13AM
  • max_only
    What about a CP guide? Like the stamina version of Elfborn, or what mundus to use?
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    || CP 1000+ || PC/NA || GUILDS: LWH; IA; CH; XA
    ""All gods' creatures (you lot) are equal when covered in A1 sauce"" -- Old Bosmeri Wisdom
  • max_only
    Less blocking more proccing? Way different from what I’m used to but I’m looking for different. Thanks a bunch! For some reason stamplar tank search didn’t bring me to anything current so I’m very grateful
    #FiteForYourRite Bosmer = Stealth
    || CP 1000+ || PC/NA || GUILDS: LWH; IA; CH; XA
    ""All gods' creatures (you lot) are equal when covered in A1 sauce"" -- Old Bosmeri Wisdom
  • Vajrak
    Easy reason for why you find nothing current -- people generally don't understand how to combine skills and builds to create something efficient at all levels of play.
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