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Character naming issue


Iv been waiting now 7 days for a response from support about my issue. Below is a copy and paste of what I have sent them and my issue. This issue seems to fall on deaf ears and there is no phone customer support so Im hoping posting here will get a result.

Hello Im having an issue, MY character cant seem to get invited to groups. And cannot be whispered. I dont know why this is and I dont know how to fix it. But when others invite me all they are told is character does not exsist. Yet I do and Im right here. Iv assured Im online and active and every step Iv been told, And yes I did put a special character above the O in "Sol" but I cant possibly fix that I do not have the money to buy a rename token after I just bought the game. There should be a warning about this for people NAMING their characters so that this does not happen. OR it shouldnt be allowed if this is a known issue. Please help me as right now I can barely play with friends , Iv been waiting 7 days for help with this and this just remains in a "Waiting for agent" status , Which is ridiculous

ESO UserID: Carothis
Character Name: Carothis Sol

To show the specific issue, the Character is Carothis Sól the symbol over the O
  • carothis
    Ticket Numbers 180622-002296 and 180620-001742
  • carothis
    For further Information I play on PC on the NA server
  • ZOS_Bill

    Our customer support team has contacted you on ticket #180625-001738 with help for your character. If their solution has not resolved the issue please let us know.
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