Maintenance for the week of August 20:
· [COMPLETE] PC/Mac: North American and European megaservers for patch maintenance – August 20, 4:00AM EDT (8:00 UTC)

ESO E3 2018 trailer


Very well done imho

Man i wish i had more time. The whole week I just don't have time to log on. Barely home for 20 mins now and already 20:30. I go watch netflix a bit see ya all tomorrow i hope.
"I'm a thief. I was born to be a thief. I love to sneak around in rich people's houses, and liberate their possessions. I enjoy puzzling out the security provisions on doors and chests, thrilling to the challenge and suspense of picking locks and disarming traps. Me and the guards, we're old friends. And punitive labor isn't all that bad -- free food and board, fresh air, and good fellowship."
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