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Account Region Change Request

Soul Shriven
Ok, here is the issue: my husband bought upgrade to summerset. I can not. Since we are using exactly same paying method, it is caused by a account region, which is RU for me and IL for him. The bank does not allow international transactions, and no matter how we tried, we could not pay for me. We live in Israel for some time already, and his region hac changed somehow, while mine has not.
We left a ticket (two tickets in fact) at a customer support service. 3 days ago. THREE DAYS AGO. Seriously guys, that is a point where a customer gets offended by the quality of service. Lack of the latter, in fact.
So maybe it is easier to reach you through forum.
tickets number #180530-001715 and #180601-002255
The time while I can upgrade with all the bonuses is almost over, and I really want to pay you those 40 eu. Just let me do it already.
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