Help with guild hunting...

Hi all..i have been playing for a few months now and have a 157 Stam warden.i have levelled alchemy and provisioner to 50 and almost there with the rest.
My issue is I have never been in a guild and never grouped hence never done a dungeon which is not public.
I would love to join a guild and start trading and maybe dungeons...however I am very new to this and already been kicked from a guild as I didn't know what I was Doing. I am now a bit more experienced in the game. I would love to find a guild who could put up with me learning. Also first time on xbox so struggling with no communication is an issue...I am a wow player of old and maybe a tad older than most players lol. Any advice on where to go guild wise and what to do to progress much appreciated. Also I mostly play during the day gmt time.

  • RebornV3x
    Wrong post...
    best bet is to go to a starter zone like Stonefalls and type in zone chat or look for a guild on thia site
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    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
  • CoopstheCat
    My issue with looking on zone chat is no keyboard...takes me ages to type message by which time person has lost interest lol...hence looking on here.
  • Marginis
    Try looking around online - there are other places besides these forums too, like reddit - and sending out some messages. It's pretty likely at least one guild will respond. Otherwise, getting faster with typing (any usb keyboard will work with the xbox one, by the way), or using a headset is definitely something that will help (and you'll want it in the long run anyway). I see this is in EU, but if you ever find yourself on xbox NA, give me a call - Magicka is always recruiting.
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  • CoopstheCat
    Thank you
  • VonNelson
    @CoopstheCat did you find any guilds??
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