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  • Tiedän
    Hey Fam,

    I JUST got my approval code for early access, it looks like the team might finally be resolving our tickets. Hopefully it shouldn't be too much longer for you guys to get your access too!
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  • Lazrael
    Got mine. More than 24 hours later, but happy to finally play.
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  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    Same! Got mine today!
    Now if Amazon will get their *** together as well as you have!!!
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  • DoctorESO
    fleursnuit wrote: »
    How long will we have? I'm getting a 06/05 estimate from Best Buy...

    My fiance works for Best Buy, and they had them in for pre-release, but sold out even on the pre-orders. Mind you, that was IN STORE (to which they said, "Well, we have taken all the preorders into account, but we are already out of stock. They didn't expect so many pre-orders." To which my response was, "Well, if they had actually taken all the pre-orders into account, then they wouldn't have sold out...considering they're PRE-ORDERS.") . They have plenty in the warehouse. I would contact them and see if you can A) pick one up or B) get it expedited, because this is THEIR fault and their lack of foresight. I was supposed to pick mine up in store, but again...see above. It would get 2 day shipped faster, and it's due tomorrow here, and they paid for the shipping.

    As far as the silver lining... I guess we have confirmation that the game is not dead? :D
  • Dhukath

    Ticket 180525-001186 has been submitted

    I've completed the form, after being told my item would only arrive on Wednesday May 23, it actually arrived on Monday May 21, so have been able to play.

    My issue is that I have not received the pre-order bonus Nightmare Senche, I'm posting this here as there was no section to add a comment on the form.

    Kind regards and thanks.
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