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[XB/NA] Assassins, Warriors, Mages, and Loremasters! The NAGAIA TONG IS RECRUITING!

The Nagaia Tong is RECRUITING

The Nagaia Tong is recruiting new members! We are an active and dedicated guild. We are based on the Morag Tong/Dark Brotherhood and slay in the name of knowledge, and in homage to Sithis. We strive for self-improvement and the improvement in the skills of our fellows; and our scholars search endlessly for lore and knowledge, traveling the lands of Nirn for all there is to know. We are a PvX guild, with a dedicated PvP sub-section, as well as one that focuses more on PvE and knowledge/lore study.

The Tong is a growing guild, we have:
-A huge and furnished guildhall, Dawnlight Palace.
-A tabard, created in honor of our forebearers.
-An active and helpful group of members who will do what they can for everyone whenever they can.
-A crafter, crafters-in-training, and a resource-collection program.
-The beginning of a crafting station collection.
-Weekly events, and tons of fun activities for members to do that makes them feel like members of a real guild that rewards them with gold!
-A PvP division, known as the Ceyanagaia. (not required to join)
-A lore division, known as the Athenaeum. (not required to join)
-A well organized Discord.
-A well organized guild in general!

The Tong strives to become a realistic and legitimate guild, we want to create a guild that looks and feels like the real thing. To do this we need dedicated and mature members, ready to do what it takes. In addition to that, we are looking for officers; officers must be active, mature, skilled, dedicated, and determined to the success of the Tong.

The Tong is truly unique, and I can confidently say you wont find a guild like ours anywhere in Elder Scrolls Online. If you think you have what it takes; no matter what level, race, alliance, or class you are, JOIN US!

Comment GT, message me here or in ESO, or find me on xBox if you have any questions or wish for an invite!

PS: RP LOVER? We do it a bit, the guild takes a big twist on what is considered RP. We do it without anyone even knowing it, you'll like it, come and check it out!
Grand Magister of the Athenaeum, Mentor of the Nagaia Tong
"May shadows hide you"
THE TONG IS RECRUITING! Assassins, warriors, wizards, and loremasters all!
  • stitchesofdooom
    as far as guildhalls go, we really need a proper fucntion for it. Like the ability to set a home as an official guildhall, have an option around about where [Roster] is to teleport there and even a map marker.

    Say NO to Crown Crates. Crown Crates are Loot Boxes. Loot Boxes are gambling. Zenimax makes enough money off us.
    ESO+ is part of the "Games as a service" trend. A trend that needs to die. Subscribe only when you need Crowns for DLC.
    Say no to "radiant" junk quests replacing proper side content and the dumbing down of our favorite franchises.
    PCMR EU.
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