Will maelstrom arena reset after Summerset release?

Soul Shriven
A friend told me tht´s the case, but I don´t know if he´s kidding me, and i found any information about it...
Happened it ever before a big release?. I´m post Clocwork city.
  • VaranisArano
    Ive been working on VMA for probably half a year now (because I work on it very intermittently) and the quest have never reset. Now, if youve finished it, I think it resets every week.
  • FearAndPatching
    The all time leaderboards will reset most likely but your quest save will stay and allow you to continue in VMSA in whichever round your on.
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  • Astralyst
    Soul Shriven
    To say there is no chance of it resetting would be foolish but it's very unlikely it would do that. The quest you carry in your log is what saves your progress as you go forward. I've had it reset on me once, seemingly as a glitch, but it only happened once.
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