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Can I make sure to ambush a tab-targeted player?

This is my first time using Ambush, or actually Lotus Fan (the mag morph) on my NB. Countless times now I have tab-targeted a player, only to gap close to their pet or an NPC close to them. Is there any solution other than being more precise with the targeting reticle or getting a better angle, before jumping in? If there are multiple targets close together, shouldn't I automatically jump the tab-targeted one? I mean, sometimes I curse tab-targeting when there's something right in front, but I shoot 90 degrees to the side, because I had tab-targeted something, there, earlier. This seems a bit inconsistent to me. On the other hand, I think it jumps to the closest target, if the tab-targeted player lines up behind something at the exact time of the jump. I think that could be what the problem is.
PC EU, Stamina DK (EP), Magicka NB (EP), Magicka Warden (EP), Magicka Templar (EP). Occasionally: Stamina Templar (EP), Stamina NB (AD), Stamina Sorcerer (DC)
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