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Looking for Werewolf Guild

Looking for a Werewolf Guild (preferably in the Dominion, but i don't mind if its not.) that's willing to accept a low level player (level 24). Khajiit Stamina Nightblade with some Health investment (2 M, 7 H, 20 S) , Dual-Wield/Bow specialty, XBOX US Server, all DLC, Excluding Clockwork City, want to be a werewolf. Pretty active; socially, I'm pretty quiet, but I like helping people and being nice to them!
  • SideQuestHero
    Gamer Tag is xSideQuestHerox by the way.
  • MrGrym
    Swords of Valor isn't a werewolf guild but we have some members in the guild who are werewolves and probably wouldn't mind giving out a bite. We are also daggerfall covenant not dominion, but most of us are more involved in pve content anyway. We use discord, have weekly raffles, and plan on bidding on a guild trader once we reach 50 members. If you're interested in joining, feel free to message me on xbox. My gt is TheGrimHarvest
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