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Your Character’s Story

  • Runschei
    Noodleblade here, or Oph as her real name would be, is a fantastic dunmer magica nightblade in the the thieves guild and dark brotherhood. Takes care of everything pve.

    Stick Princess, Heimkok and Fab but will stab, or Thecky as her real name, is a bosmet stamina nightblade and templar. Super cute and tiny. Takes care of everything pvp.

    I Touch My Elf, or Aritdrotuka, is an altmer magica templar. Likes to heal.

    I like the concept of them being sister (I don't know how that's possible tho but it works for me) and they all live together. May or may not worship daedra.
  • logarifmik
    With yours silent permission, I just copy my post with minor changes from another thread. I made up this story to explain somehow character participating in saving Nirn, but killing innocents at the same time. Keep in mind that this story is gappy and incomplete.

    His name is Demian Floquet. Truth be told, it's not a real name, but pseudonym. Demian conceals his real name for some reasons no one but him can tell. Every Breton have right to keep his own secrets, especially when politics and family are involved. It is only known that he was a dedicated scholar, mainly in the arcane art known as Conjuration. Under unclear circumstances, most likely during one of his experiments, he was abducted by Molag Bal.

    Escaping The Wailing Prison with the help of Lyris Titanborn and The Prophet, Demian found, that his soul was torn away from him. As a true scholar, he was more fascinated by this fact, than frightened. It was not quite clear how a "Nirn vessel" or so-called "Vestige" could exist without soul strictly attached to it. Obviously, only being a living example is not enough to answer this question. The Prophet's tall tales explained almost nothing, they sound intuitive, vague and full of religious nonsense. Abnur Tharn for his own reasons refused to share his knowledge. Most likely because he treated Demian more like a tool. Well, at least at first. Membership in the Mages Guild gave access to works of Abbot Crassius Viria, Beredalmo the Signifier, Corvus Direnni and other significant scholars, which shed some light on the problem, but it still was not enough. There were more questions. How such a phenomenon as "Vestige" can even be possible? Is a Vestige just a hollow shell, which have more in common with some resurrected corpse, than with the living person? In this case, maybe it can be explained by the black art of Conjuration, by the Necromancy? It obviously have a connection, considering involvement of the Worm Cult.

    Gathering knowledge forbidden by the Mages Guild, he joined the Thieves Guild. Some books and magic artifacts are very rare, so acquiring some connections with thieves is not superfluous. However, the real benefits of this were few, except for some extra gold, which is not so bad after all.

    Meanwhile, Molag Bal's doomsday scenario, the Planemeld, was in process. Fighting countless enemies, Demian discovered an ability to kill by burning, or more precisely dissipating, foe's soul, destroying the very essence of life. It was nothing like Destruction or Mysticism spell, a way in which he interacts with souls had much in common with the Necromancy technics. He concluded that closer studying of Soul Magic could give a clue. He quickly discovered, that it's hard to analyze disintegration of soul in battle, more like a scholar approach is needed here, quieter environment. And then in the city of Stormhaven he met Amelie Crowe.

    At first, Demian was very skeptical about Amelie Crowe's... proposal. He thought that she is just a lunatic who read some books, nothing more, until one encounter changed his mind. He don't remember a name of the first... subject. It was a man, not innocent, guilty, but unarmed and broken. He begged for his life, but curiosity was stronger. He was killed, dissected, studied; his death was filled with meaning. And at that very moment Vestige heard voice of The Void. The Voice told him to find Amelie Crowe, and listen to her, then find Night Mother's children on the Gold Coast, or more precisely, allow them to find him. The Voice promised help in the study, but only if Vestige would serve the Night Mother well. He was aware how dangerous such kind of offers could be, but he accepted nevertheless. After all, it's just unsafe to refuse The Dread Father's kind offer.

    After wandering through the city of Anvil for a few hours, Demian found a suitable subject. There was no one around who could interfere. The deed was done, valuable information was extracted, and he became a little closer to the understanding of the nature of soul. As the Voice have promised, the children of the Night Mother, The Dark Brotherhood, contacted him. Under the guidance of Speaker Terenus and with the blessing of Sithis, the study continued.
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  • ramenwaifu
    Runschei wrote: »
    Noodleblade here, or Oph as her real name would be,
    i was sold at “noodleblade”
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  • ramenwaifu
    logarifmik wrote: »
    Keep in mind that this story is gappy and incomplete.
    alhough you say this, the story was very nice to read! thank you for sharing!
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  • HappyLittleTree
    My toon is an Argonian Tank who was raised by a Breton Soldier, who left the Daggerfall Covenant after whitnessing a raid on an innocent Argonian Tribe where he saved the last remaining egg of the whole hatchery.

    He raised the young hatchling like his own, while working as a professional painter in Bal Voyen.
    He was know for helping young students with painting techniques and also to bring joy in the art of painting!

    This passion of his lead him to name his "son" - HAPPY-LITTLE-TREE

    (btw. the Breton rocked the afro&beard combination ;) )

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    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • pod88kk
    My favourite character is a my fat Orc Stamsorc.... The Porky Orcy. Mainly because because it's hilarious to tbag in a pink towel when you're really fat
  • Xoelarasizerer
    Basically time and space travelling tomfoolery from modded other games. 100% Lore Unfriendly.
    O.C is dragonborn high king of skyrim from 4th era sent back in time by Mannimarco gathering souls/power from different times/dimensions of nirn for his plan with amulet of kings.

    O.C allies from era 4, a pair from oblivion crisis when O.C went back and forth there, pre-fighting a god of destruction (piece of O.C soul split off into overall sheogorath 2), and some time/space travelling earthling companions to O.C's earth soul split/incarnation, find their way to aid him in saving Tamriel Era 2.

    Time paradoxes everywhere, convoluted c0da, soul splits, ancient Egyptian themes, lore unfriendly fan fiction.
    Etcetera, whatever, It's my twisted immersion supplement, not yours.
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  • ramenwaifu
    pod88kk wrote: »
    My favourite character is a my fat Orc Stamsorc.... The Porky Orcy. Mainly because because it's hilarious to tbag in a pink towel when you're really fat
    haha, sounds lovely
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  • ZOS_Holden
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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks so much for sharing your character back-stories. We love seeing how much thought and imagination goes into your characters, or in some cases whole families of characters. Things like previous adventures or putting a bit more flavor into an in-game achievement or dungeon run are always super fun to read. That being said, short and sweet can be just as fun.
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  • Yzalirk
    I have a lot of characters, specifically Nords, who are in the same clan/family. I will write a backstory about them when I have extra time. Anyways, I will elaborate on the clan.

    Most of clan Forge-Born are naturally skillful artisans and warriors in Skyrim. Their blood can be traced back to the frozen wasteland of Atmora where they served as artificers for the Dragon Priests. They followed Ysgramor on his second journey to Mereth after Atmora began to become inhospitable where they took up arms to decimate the Snow Elves for wrongfully killing their kin. After the Nords claimed the lands as theirs, clan Forge-Born continued to work as smiths for jarls and warriors as well as helping the Nordic conquest as skillful warriors. They usually never don armor and weapons that were never forged by them as they view them as inferior armaments.

    Quick bit of trivia - the clan name Forge-Born has two different methods of origin. They believe they have been forged by the Gods as near paragons in the arts of war and crafting. Or, more literally, they are birthed in an forge.
  • Kierro
    His story is alot longer, but I shorted for the basics. My main character is an Argonian Shadowscale-Healer (Blood Mage), named Spells-In-Shadows. He is also apprentice to the Tree-Minder of the Kota-Eixleel (Black-Scales, my own creation) The Kota-Eixleel tribe, like the Kota-Vimleel (Black-Tongue, real lore tribe) are serious Sithis worshipers. Both tribes created a potion that helps with the birthing of Shadowscales.

    Spells was sent to assassinate a Telvanni magister, who enslaved him when he failed. The magister used Spells in many ways, from serving tea, food and performing certain actions in the Magister's bed chambers. Eventually, Spells finally assassinated the Magister, when he improved his own blood magic, by reading the magister's tomes. It was the first, and only time, Spells slowly tortured his target by painfully ripping the blood from his victim.
  • Kierro
    ZOS_Holden wrote: »
    Hey everyone,

    Thanks so much for sharing your character back-stories. We love seeing how much thought and imagination goes into your characters, or in some cases whole families of characters. Things like previous adventures or putting a bit more flavor into an in-game achievement or dungeon run are always super fun to read. That being said, short and sweet can be just as fun.
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    No. Thank you!
  • Jhalin
    I’ve got a few with fleshed out stories.

    J’halin Alris, a Nightblade Dagi-rhat Khajiit from Northern Vvardenfell. She’s a me-first sort with almost no morals to speak of, but she’s not particularly malicious so people rarely see how extreme the lack is. Her last name is fictional, just a favorite of the handful of aliases she uses among her collection of no-goods that work quietly around Tamriel. The war funding herself and her network enough she was able to retire to a cushy home in Rawl’kha, but she soon got bored and sought out work that could provide a thrill. (Thus leading her to her current guild involvement)

    To her, betrayal and enslavement are the only unforgivable sins. Words are worthless, but actions hold weight.


    Ziryne, an Altmer Templar, a priest of Meridia, and vampire. She’s over two thousand years old, and struggled for the better part of 300 years after being turned to gain favor back from her Prince, and just barely at that. Using Templar magic and the gifts of Meridia sears her flesh, and she has gnarly scars up to her elbows. She hates unnecessary violence and necromancy, and values compassion. She’s usually judgemental, but she’s gotten better about keeping her thoughts to herself over the years, on some topics, anyway.

    Her goal in life is to protect innocents and cleanse the world of necromancy. She’s only recently begun to see that there are others cursed with vampirism that are not monsters.


    Darien Sorick, son of Baron Sorick of Dreaughside. He grew up in the courts, but often ran off to go listen to the local bards. He’s got a mind for numbers and a talent for influencing people with his songs. Recently Darien was disowned for refusing to follow through on a marriage arranged by his father meant to make the family appear less hostile to common folks (though the potential bride was part of distinctly wealthy commoner family quick on their way to gaining official titles). He lost access to most of his funds and his job at the Wayrest bank, but he managed to secure himself a position working for a mercenary company. Given he get nauseous seeing roadkill, it might go poorly.

    All he wants is to have enough money to live comfortably while he works on his music that he hopes will be sung for generations.
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  • jaekobcaed
    My main character, Isachar Daerenfel of Alinor, is the personal agent of Queen Ayrenn and the Archreeve (made that rank up, not sure if it's correct) of the Winged Aegis Division (my own guild I plan to really work with when I can). The Winged Aegis Division is a special intelligence and operations division of the Dominion military, working both domestically and abroad.

    He was born to a minor noble family living in Alinor, mostly just a luxurious life in the most beautiful city on Nirn. Then he discovered, through his mentor (as he was actually adopted by the noble family at birth), that he is descended from the last High King of the Ayleids, meaning he is actually the only known living heir to the throne of the Ayleids. He embraced this revelation but his fellow Altmer did not. They shunned him to the point where he was opposed in every way, his luxurious noble life becoming more miserable by the day. When the Three Banners War broke out, he saw it as an opportunity: he enlisted in the Dominion military but right before he was to be sent to the border, the events that led to the PC's soul being stolen (I don't think that's a spoiler but apologies if it is) occurred.
    Over time, he became a member of the Queen's Eyes and quickly rose to become one of her top agents.

    He began to fall in love with Ayrenn as he spent time with her. However, he knew that she was too occupied with managing the Dominion to let personal feelings get in the way and plus, he was just a minor noble and heir to a fallen throne. He decided that even if she cannot reciprocate love, his love was selfless and he would serve to protect her and help her further her interests. She eventually named him a Hero of the Dominion and commissioned the Winged Aegis Division with him as its commander. She also promised him that, after the Dominion wins the war and reunites Tamriel, she would set aside a portion of Cyrodiil to establish as a new Ayleid kingdom, placing Isachar as the first King of this new kingdom, so long as he submits to the overarching rule of the Dominion itself.

    Trait-wise, he's elegant, caring, fearless, but also relatively emotional (not in the whiny way, he's just easily depressed because he internalizes everything). He always wears armor that shows his status as both the Heir-In-Exile to the Ayleid throne, as well as his status as a Dominion Hero. His weapons of choice include dual swords made of welkynd stones, as well as his staff which is also made out of welkynd stones and gold-plated meteoric iron.

    Anyways, that's my main character's story and I'll probably change things, there are stories I've come up with to work with quests and Morrowind, but I'd mostly just be retelling the story of those quests.
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  • Mataata
    I love making up stories for characters, as well as designing them in general. I have wayyy too many...
    To keep it concise, here's the ones I have that are over level 50:

    An escaped slave from Vvardenfell before the Ebonheart Pact was formed. In a desperate attempt to free herself and her fellow slaves, she used a dark and powerful ritual that ended up sapping all the blood and life out of every living thing in the plantation, killing her masters and friends alike. She was offered to either become a soldier of the Pact or be killed for her crimes, and eventually became one of their highest ranking agents (though she makes even the high king uneasy to be around due to her steely calm, unsettling demeanor). She's a Nightblade healer, and my first character.

    Jamashi Sweet-Tooth
    A veteran of the Fighter's Guild, who retired to the quiet life of a baker in her home town of Dune to take care of her younger, mischievous sister. She took up arms again in recent times to support the Aldmeri Dominion, and is an Eye of the Queen. She's always perky and motherly, and has a calming charm about her. She's a Templar, and I've done everything from DPS, tanking, and healing with her.

    Jamashi's sister. She's a wildcard adventurer who loves hunting bigger and badder monsters with the Undaunted almost as much as she loves magical equipment. Her ties with the Mages Guild are shaky at best, due to her tendency to steal and horde relics and connections with black market dealers. She's a Sorcerer DPS I mostly only do dungeons, trials, and pvp with.

    An alchemist and Mages Guild researcher raised in Auridon. She's passionate and caring, though it can sometimes be hard to tell through her dry wit. She's taken it upon herself to research and document everything she can about Vvardenfell, the farthest possible place from her homeland, and has wriggled her way into the hearts of its locals (even the Ashlanders, who consider her a clanfriend) with her calm persistence and attention to detail. She's a Warden and a weird mix of healer and dps.
    I love the Power Glove! It's so bad!
    i also do art and stuff i guess, here's my twitter
  • Marginis
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  • MalsvirIxen
    My first two characters a MagSorc and MagDK have no back story as I didn't think of them. However my latest character is a Khajiit NB known as The Nightclaw.

    J'zoro was born on a moonless night somewhere in the world. He is has pure black fur and blood red eyes. He doesn't know what became of his parents or if he was abandoned by them, but he was raised by his Aunt and Uncle who were both members of the Dark Brotherhood. They also had ties to the Thieves Guild as well. When he was 15 he struck out on his own to see the world for himself. When he was 20 he found himself on the executioner's block with other Khajiit that were being wrongly arrested and executed simply for the recent increase in thieving activities. It was there that he decided to become a hero to the people, if Jone and Jode would spare him. Luck would have it that he was spared at least for the moment, for a few days after escaping custody he was captured by the Worm Cult and brought before Mannimarco to be sacrificed to Molag Bal.
  • Azurephoenix999
    ZOS_Holden wrote: »
    Hey everyone,

    Thanks so much for sharing your character back-stories. We love seeing how much thought and imagination goes into your characters, or in some cases whole families of characters. Things like previous adventures or putting a bit more flavor into an in-game achievement or dungeon run are always super fun to read. That being said, short and sweet can be just as fun.
    I make shtuff go kaboom :p


    Any chance we could actually get some form of customizable bio for our characters?
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  • Windstrider2017
    I don't have a particularly detailed or in-depth backstory for my main yet, though I'd eventually like to add to his story. His interests and personality are pretty developed, though.

    Raa'kim was probably born to merchants, or maybe to a soldier and a farmer? Not sure yet. But he is an avid collector, traveller, and bookworm, and is borderline obsessed with gaining knowledge; he has a respectable collection of books and will happily read for hours on end. Because knowledge is power, but also simply because it's interesting. He will read basically anything he can get his hands on. He loves his race's traditions but is also fascinated by other cultures. Pretty open-minded, he likes to travel and learn about other cultures. His lifestyle, house, clothing, and manners are the result of the melting pot of culture he welcomes with open arms.

    Since he was a cub, he's been very curious and clever, and has gotten much more clever and witty as he's grown into a young man. His tongue is as sharp as his claws and he loves making people laugh and always enjoys a good joke. He is studying every craft, because they're all interesting and useful, and basically power (always better to be able to make your own armor, weapons, potions, etc, and even better if you have extras for friends or to sell!). He is a good cook with a good sense of what flavors pair well together, and he delights in inventing some delicious new recipe and in making existing recipes as perfectly as possible, down to the letter in the recipe.

    He was on some travelling trip (not sure where or why, yet; will figure out later) when he was captured by the cultists. He's decent at fighting but was overwhelmed by them. He hates most undead and the thought of such things is one of the only things to really strike fear in his heart, but his courage (and total outrage at being sacrificed to some arrogant, greedy piece of crap; he's not totally arrogant but it seriously offended him that anyone would think of him as a sacrifice or a potential slave) won out and since that incident, he's been training hard in both melee and magical fighting. One of his main goals is to make sure he is strong enough, in as many different ways as possible, to defend both himself and others.

    Faction Loyalty
    He wasn't quite sure what to think about any of the factions, but when he washed up on Khenarthi's Roost and met Raz, and eventually met and saved The Queen, he became completely loyal to the Dominion and believes in their values with all his heart. He wishes the three sides could make peace, and would prefer for things to not get ugly in the War, but he would fight if he had to. He gladly fights against non-'banner' enemies though, and efficiently does the Queen's and Dominion's bidding. He is willing to help and befriend anyone from any faction (or no faction), as long as doing so doesn't involve said person taking action against the Dominion.

    Other Groups
    He is a member of several other groups as well - Undaunted, Fighers Guild, and Mages Guild. Finding the Mages Guild, with their collection and preservation of books, was like his dream come true. His books are his babies, and he takes very good care of them and absolutely hates to see books being ruined, thrown out, or unappreciated.

    Name: Raa'kim
    Pronunciation: Raa'keem
    Origin: He named himself and sort of combined Khajiiti and Aldmeri naming. He wanted a name that looks and sounds good and pays respect to both cultures. The 'ra' is from the khajiiti honorific 'ra', though it's also part of his name (as in, his name; his name wasn't 'kim', that would sound kind of silly!). The extra a is because some Altmer have two of the same vowel in their name.

    General: Kind, curious, humorous, witty, fierce, protective (usually going hand in hand with the fierceness), deeply thoughtful, brave, tough, adventurous but cautious, clever, smart, helpful. He loves learning things, but won't study without a purpose. Something has to either be interesting or practical for him to want to learn it. Artistic, creative, clever, and prone to random 'eureka' moments when an idea pops into his head. However, he sees no need to *always* invent some original, alternative way to do things; if under time or other pressure, he will do something the way he knows works and that's that, it's good enough for him. While it's always better to know multiple ways to do something, sometimes all you need is one really good way of doing something. Curious but not to a fault; curiousity will probably not kill this cat since it's tempered by common sense and caution. He believes in both mercy and justice. Also believes that both self-sufficiency and good teamwork are necessary ("teamwork is usually good but sometimes if you want something done right, do it yourself"). His brain is always working and never really stops thinking about all kinds of stuff, often interfering with his sleep.

    With others: Tries to be patient and polite and is becoming practiced at what would be called elegant manners and speech, and knows how to politely disagree, but also puts his foot down when necessary and his niceness isn't to be mistaken for being a pushover. Great at mediating and compromising. He loves helping others, will do basically anything for a friend, and is good at getting others to be more thoughtful and open-minded. He usually isn't a fan of risking his life and doesn't do anything crazy or stupid, but he will die and kill for his friends and allies and will try to get himself literally in front of them to protect them; even if they can take care of themselves and then some, he absolutely hates the idea of them being in any kind of danger. He generally reminds himself to be patient with others and, even if they're being rude, remind himself that they might be having a bad day or be dealing with some issue. However, he hates when others see him as beneath them and will try to, usually politely and cleverly, with words, make them see otherwise. He doesn't think of himself as above most others and prefers to see everyone as more or less equals, but he isn't afraid to openly say he's above those who are cruel or immoral. Even when tired, he maintains good posture, and he always keeps his chin up, literally. Not so much that it's snobby, but he would never be caught slouching or with his head down.

    In battle: Hates fighting animals and certain people and only does so out of necessary defense. Against enemies though, he's ferocious and ruthless. Prefers to fight honorably but will do almost anything to win and is strongly against the idea of [himself or someone he's protecting] dying or being hurt because he fought honorably while his enemy didn't. When his enemy starts fighting dishonorably, two can play at that game. Prefers to end a fight (in his train of thought, neutralize the threat) as quickly as possible, out of logic, but might sometimes drag things out with some nasty, hated individual who deserves it. Doesn't get as nasty as some and doesn't desecrate the dead, but makes sure that if someone hurts a loved one, they feel total pain and defeat before he deals the last strike.

    Any sort of art, craft, or skill, but especially cooking, alchemy, medicine, clothwork, and blacksmithing, though he wants to learn more about woodworking and enchanting. Anything that can help himself or others, he takes interest in. He sees the value (monetary or otherwise) in pretty much anything and will collect, sell, or buy (after carefully considering, since he's a collector but also a tightwad) pretty much anything he wants.

    He definitely understands the importance of appearance and combines his own tastes with what others think looks good, always resulting in something both he and mostly everyone else likes. His style, in clothing, armor, and jewelry as well as furniture and decor, is a tasteful melting pot and combines the humble or common with the impressive.

    He seriously hates being ungroomed (both how it feels and how it looks; "this one hates tangly fur!") and also tries to make sure he is dressed appropriately (to impress either subtly or not, or sometimes to blend in and not necessarily impress) for every occasion. He's not afraid to strut if he's bedecked in fine clothes and glittering jewelry. He's an expert at combining comfort and fashion and has a lot of fun doing so. He prefers regular clothes yet doesn't like to be without jewelry. He doesn't care about the price tag and tends to avoid ridiculously expensive things, but wears things because he genuinely likes them, no matter how much they cost. He'll wear anything from homemade trinkets of seashells and driftwood to gold and jewels. He can easily make regular clothes and simple jewelry eye-catching and flattering.

    Not extremely religious but worships whichever deities he feels drawn to, always including light deities. He appreciates shadows for hiding or sleeping, but he definitely doesn't appreciate what nasty things often hide in them, and he strongly worships the Sun and light. Forcing himself to purposely go fight undead is always a struggle where courage and duty narrowly win out over fear. He isn't really afraid of much but most undead give him the willies, and the only reason he goes anywhere near them is to get rid of them and make the world safer.

    Favorite Things
    Beachcombing, reading, swimming, cooking, alchemy, traveling, sunning, stargazing, and finding things. He enjoys going beachcombing with Akkuz the Beachwalker and discussing books and alchemy with fellow Mages Guild members .
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  • Jack_Of_Shades
    I'm using this post as a placeholder, for now, due to how long my characters story is. Not to worry, I shall use spoilers. And it's still ongoing as of right now. Also, I have made his story so big, it has literally turned into a short story [Something like 5000 words now.] But I have been working on his background for years. Always developing new twists, always evolving bloodlines and backgrounds. I'm actually quite happy this section of the forum exists! I thought only my girlfriend and I did this sort of thing. :P
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  • Max_Hal
    Soul Shriven
    race: Orc
    traning: Dragonknight
    specilisation: dualwield/ bow
    occupation: ranger
    soul: Warriorpoet
    heart: Wild
    mind: Phylosof

    "Twin slashes and flurry
    You are feelling my furry
    Its hurting my enemies to the death
    I always make a bloody mess
    With deadly cloack my blades cutting air
    The screams of pain they even cut hair
    The molten armarments are reciproceting
    My rage is explosive and mutilating"
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  • Azzuria

    I'll be adding more in the not-to-distant future.
    Brunhilda Icehammer - Nord Dragonknight, 'Smith & Enchantress 'What is 'ranged? I need to hit something!!'
    Laehl Direthorn - Bosmer Nightblade, Purveyor of fine Clothes, Bows and Staves
    Reeza gra-Zuni - Orc Templar 'War Shaman' and Apothecary
    Noemi Snowpaw - Kajiit Dragon Knight - I laugh... or I'd have to kill you.
    Kitera Dreamon - Breton of The Dominion: Because those Daggers don't appreciate a great Mage.
    Lysara Shadowcroft - Dunmer Bloodmage: This will only hurt a lot.
  • Watchdog
    Repost from: https://www.eso-rp.com/forum/m/9324623/viewthread/32069905-eupc-srasin-fighters-guild/post/last#last

    Name: S'Rasin
    Nickname: Raisin (in Cyrodiilic)
    Race: Cathay Khajiit
    Sex: Male
    Age: 40+
    Affiliation: Fighters Guild


    S'Rasin was born to a reasonably well-off family of merchants and craftsmen living in Rawl'Kha. Even as a small cub, he was always the first to sense any danger and to stand up and protect his siblings, like a watchdog. It felt as if anybody wanting to hurt those dear to him had always faceplanted a shield. The word "shield", or "Rasin" in Ta'agra actually sounded like a fitting name to his parents and S'Rasin saw no need to change it when he reached adulthood.

    He joined the Fighters Guild more than twenty summers ago and has been fighting monsters, bandits and other scum since then. He always thinks all the available contracts through before making a choice and he would strongly refuse to be called an ordinary blade for hire, not giving a damn whose blood said blade sheds as long as the pay is good enough. He is proud of his membership in the guild and believes in the nobility of its principles. S'Rasin eventually settled in Vivec City in Vvardenfell, where he took contracts for the local branch of the Fighters Guild.

    When S'Rasin heard about the pandemic of Knahatean Flu, he returned home to see if he could help the family anyhow. Unfortunately, most of the family members, including relatives in Dune and Khenarti's Roost, had already fallen to the disease.

    S'Rasin was only able to find his young Dagi-raht cousin Ash-Ra'shan from Dune in Rawl'kha. She told him that from the whole family she had only managed to find their little Alfiq-raht nephew Ja'Var alive. Some local family took the orphaned little cub in and took care of him until he could be reunited with Ash-Ra'shan.

    Many contracts were lost or unfulfilled by the family due to the Knahatean Flu, and some of the former trading partners seeked compensation, resulting in a very, very large debt on the name of the family. Not able to find any other survivors from the family, S'Rasin and Ash-Ra'shan inherited both the property and the debts of the family, the latter, unfortunately, considerably larger than the value of the former. They had to sell the estates owned by the family and even to pool their own savings together to cover the rest of the debts to clear the family name.

    They are now left with little option but to reform the family from scratch and work harder than ever to slowly earn enough money to rebuy the family estates, one by one, as restoring the family name and glory is the honourable thing to do. All three of them moved back to Vivec City, planning to travel around Tamriel together, never losing hope that some family members may have survived in isolation and may simply have lost contact with their homeland. For now, S'Rasin finds what comfort he can in the company of his cousin and nephew and enjoys the views in the city, before setting of for the journey together:


    As for his nickname "Raisin", that is Ash-Ra'shan's doing. One day, while discussing some solutions to their financial situation, to lighten up the grim atmosphere a bit, she suddenly smiled at him, poked his scarred and wrinkled cheek and jokingly called him "raisin" in Cyrodiilic, instead of his name in Ta'agra. Mind, that it may not be the wisest thing to call him that, unless one is Ash-Ra'shan or Ja'Var, of course.

    OOC information:

    This is my main character, an Aldmeri Dominion Khajiit Templar. IC he is of the Fighters Guild, therefore, he is neutral. Morrowind was my first zone and I love it there, so my characters shall call it home for now. I own the Inn room there too, my only homestead, hopefully not for too long, though. I also need to make some more and better screenshots. I had to work with what I had.
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  • Ansuzgardaraivo
    I must admit, I am hugely dissapointed. Hardly any Nords here.
    Khaos Keraunos Kybernetos
  • WalksWithinAsh
    A female Argonian whose family was forced into slavery by the Dunmer, as a child Walks-Within-Ash had escaped before​ her family was captured and she fled into Stormhold. As a young girl she was amazed by magic and the exciting things it could do, she worked for an Argonian sorcerer and he tought her the magical arts of lightning. She soon realized she had an affinity for the control and minipulation of electricity, and Stormhold was the perfect location for her training. As she grew into a young adult, she witnessed the great war break out, with the Treaty of the Ebonheart Pact ending Argonian slavery, she was overwhelmed with joy for her people.

    Although she still holds some risentment for the Dunmer, she has made Nord and Dunmery friends during her travles. Now she resides in Ebonheart and lives in the Ebony Flask Inn, she will occasionally make trips to Stormhold to meet old friends, and help make weapons for the war effort. She is now 26 and is a reserve Battle Mage for the Pact, and from time to time lend her magical abilities in Cyrodiil.

    She strives to learn more of the Arcane, and the magical arts as a whole. Further increasing her knowledge and magical prowess, she hopes to one day aid the entirety of Nirn with her magical abilities. Being young and vibrant, she instilled an optimistic view of the world amongst her friends. However the rising Deadric threat of Molag Bal has seemingly stopped her travles, and forced her to take up arms with the Fighters Guild, in hopes to repel the dark princes efforts to take Tamriel.

    What journeys shall she embark next? What friends will she meet? Our little Argonians future is all but uncertain, and is waiting to be told.
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  • telateeaa
    Soul Shriven
    Agatha gra-Nelli. Or Half-Blood Princess, as she known most. Her father, once noble Altmer, got drunk and had affair with simple Orcish blacksmither. Of course, he doesn't remember it, and kind Orc doesn't want to remind him. That's how Agatha was born. Too cute for Orcs, but too ugly for Altmers. She was learned how to blacksmith and cook, but for Agatha it was boring. From her father she got magic skills, so, few after she grew up, she ran away from her mother and now is wandering around Summerset. Sometimes she returns to blacksmithing, but most of her time she helps poor people
  • bloodthirstyvampire
    She'd tell me, but then She'd have to kill me.. I like my blood where it is thank you.
    Self-proclaimed Vampire Lord, or in this case, Blood Sion. º,...,º
  • Reistr_the_Unbroken
    Idk if im too late to join this, but ironically I did make him on Skyrim, so this has more of a Skyrim backstory, and this is going to be hella long- but anyways!

    Two nords who’s names have been lost to time had a son born on the 8th of Sun’s Dusk. They decided to name their son Reistr the Unbroken who grew up with a normal life until the age of five. By this time, his father had begun to take leave to go to the college of Winterhold so he could learn the arts of necromancy.
    Fast forward to the age of 9, Reistr barely saw his father anymore but had a strong bond with his mother. It was this time that his parents quietly agreed to divorce and see other people, as his father had never been around to help either of them.
    A year later his mother remarried to a dark elf who was nice to them. The new father had begun to teach Reistr about spells and some combat skills which was something the child was excited about.

    Fifteen years later the Nord had decided to go explore the town of Markarth- and from there everything changed. He had unexpectedly run into a vigilant of Stendaar who had invited him to investigate an abandoned house. Agreeing to come and help out and stepping inside the home, Reistr felt that something seemed off; unfortunately the Daedric Prince of domination had been waiting for years for someone to enter.. and at last someone had come.
    The deeper into the house the two men went, the more uneasy Reistr felt. It wasn’t until the vigilante had almost been struck by a flying pan and finding out that a door had been locked that he heard a voice in his head: "Weak. He’s weak. You’re strong. Crush him!"
    Arriving at the now locked front door, both the vigilant and himself were forced to fight to the death; Reistr was guilty of killing his companion, but in his mind it was out of self defense.
    Pleased with what the Nord had done, the Prince lured him down to his shrine and quickly ensnared the mortal in a cage. Terrified by this, Reistr could only helplessly listen to the charming, yet cruel voice that spoke in his mind. A brief conversation between the two revealed that Reistr quietly agreed to help the Prince capture a priest of Boethiah. Eventually he found him and brought him back; however he was soon forced to kill the priest. Molag had rewarded Reistr with his mace, deeming the Nord as his new champion.
    Months after the incident, Reistr had at one point joined the Dawnguard- which soon fell flat when he agreed to join the Volkihar clan. Since it was so close to Molag’s summoning day, the Nord was turned by the Prince himself.
    A now newly made vampire, everything had been fine until Lord Harkon had revealed his plans to block out the sun. For months the fledgling vampire was trying to convince the clan leader that this wasn’t the way- only to be ignored and called a weakling. Fighting had begun amongst the two until it was a full on brawl; it lasted only twenty minutes, but it was enough time for Harkon to nearly kill Reistr and tear off a piece of his left ear. With a snarl Harkon allowed the vampire to recover in his castle; after that, Reistr had been exiled- but he was glad about it.
    Currently the vampire had been allowed to live in Coldharbour. It was a harsh environment, but it was the only place where he was accepted now- even if he was slowly hating what Molag was planning.

    I’m sorry this is so dumb-
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