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Casual trials team recruiting.

Soul Shriven
Order of Obsidian, a casual trials team that is an extension of a large social guild, is looking to recruit. It is fairly new and we are currently still in craglorn vets, looking to move into HMs soon and on to vMoL in the future. We are associated with a very helpful social guild that runs a variety of events throughout the week. We are currently mostly looking for DPS, but are willing to take in a couple of tanks and healers.
Requirements to be considered for the team are that all tanks and healers have some trial knowledge, and/or most BiS gear.
DPS can hit 20k, with a desire and ability to improve. To be considered for the core team consistently, we are asking that you hit 30k and higher.
You must have respect for the mechanics. You must be willing to learn. You must be patient and able to follow directions.
We are willing to help anyone get to were they need to be, whether it be acquiring gear, helping with rotations, or learning mechanics. We are a relaxed team. We currently only run one night a week, but would like to add additional nights in the future.
Raid time is currently on a rotating schedule and may be either Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 9pm EDT.

We use discord for all communications.

If interested, drop your GT below or send me a message on Xbox or in game. My GT is ClassierIowa441. I will send you a guild invite and a link to our discord server.
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